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Review by paintref See Profile

  • Location: Houston,Harris,TX
  • Cost: $84 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "Good HD Picture, Internet Speed Consistent"
Bad "None to speak of."
Overall "Happy With Service thus far."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Ordered U-verse (Internet and U200 TV package) on 4/15/2013 and was given an install date of 5/16/2013.


Install: Window was between 11a-1p. Tech arrived at 11.30a, well within the window. Had the Residential Gateway (2Wire 3800 HGV-B), 1 wired and 2 wireless receivers installed. Install took just over 4 hours, as they had to make a cable run from our neighbors yard to our telephone box. Installer did not leave until everything was in working order.

Once work was done, installer said it would take 3-4 business days for someone to come bury our cable. It was a pleasant surprise when a contractor (I assume) came out and buried the cable that was run to our telephone box.

TV: Got the U200 package . HD channels are clear on all our HDTVs. No major problems to speak of yet.

Internet: Although we are currently on the 6M service, which is a lot slower than comcast, speeds have been consistent and hardly any down time to speak of.

So far have been happy with the service. Hopefully, it will continue without any major problems.


Service has been rock solid up till now. No major problems to speak of.


Service is still going strong and no problem/complaints thus far.


Service is still going strong after a little more than a year. Service has been very reliable with no major issues. DVR box (Motorola VIP2250) went out. AT&T sent out a new box at no charge and got it up and running today.

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Jon D


Uverse is horrible and WAY too expensive for what you get

Over the past three years, I have had the displeasure of watching AT&T universe degrade internet service, television service, customer service and overall support. Over the last six months, I consistently have problems with the reliability of the service, the technical quality and overall the extremely poor performance. The Internet drops out consistently, it is slow even though I pay for the high tier speeds, the television gets digital breakup, freezes and often the wonderful blue screen. I have to "reset" the gateway and boxes constantly. And the problem never gets fixed. While their technicians are certainly nice they come out to the house and tell you everything is peachy keen. Within two days. All the problems are back and the Internet once again doesn't work. It is systemic of the ATT system. It is poorly designed, poorly maintained and I think on the lowest tier for performance.
And I guess what is the ultimate reason I will dump these guys as soon as I find a replacement in my area, is that they continue to increase their bill while absolutely providing a horrible service. My suggestion to anyone reading this review would be to go to any other provider, and not to purchase any services from AT&T universe.



Re: Uverse is horrible and WAY too expensive for what you get

Wow! My husband and I thought we were the only ones. We're currently going through the exact same issues with at&t uverse. It's TERRIBLE! We've had 5 different technicians show up at our house within the past 3 months. Each time would sound like a promise or a guaranteed that it will be rectified. BS!! I definitely wouldn't recommend this to anyone! Contract or no contract, I'd rather put my money towards good quality service rather than throwing my money away just to keep looking at a sad blue screen and puzzled images. With that being said, we've decided to cancel our contract. You said it right Jon D! Uverse is HORRIBLE and WAAAAAY too expensive for what you get!

Kat D

I'm a gamer, and my family and I have had AT&T for several, several years. But in the past year, AT&T forced us to "upgrade" to UVerse. Some nights the connection for our wifi is fine, but most night- Nope. Constant, random d/c's, latency, a whole broad spectrum of annoying issues. My computer is literally a few feet from the modem, and I never have more than three bars. Right now, I'm using my phone's (T-Mobile) wifi because it's far more reliable than UVerse. I'm severely displeased, like just about everyone else who had posted concerning AT&T. Take Mr.Jon's warning, and avoid AT&T Uverse

Ripped off

I totally agree. My internet service is slow and drops too often. Uverse is not even available in my area. I think it is time we ALL demand better service and better prices from ATT, Comcast and all of the others that are overcharging us because we continue to pay...........

no name


Uverse sucks

I thought I was the only one there that get's the blue screen / freeze up screen. Especially during your favorite program. When it 1st installed the tech put in that damm wireless receiver, in which I did not order & he said 'well you got it now"...sure enough we tolerated months of blue screens. Another tech came out (49.00 later) & took the wireless receiver & said the modem was interferring with it & causing the blue screen. Well, would't you know it, 2 day's later blue screen again. Called att&t again & they offered to send a tech this time at no charge & I said that ain't gonna do it. Now after reading all the reviews, others have cancelled uverse due numerous blue screens. Will have to go to another provider & cost me more $$$

West Palm Beach, FL

Re: Uverse sucks

Sorry about your problems I don't have any issues with uverse ..works perfectly happy with 18 Mb per second I get 18 Mb per second TV packages spotless no blue screens must be your installation.

·Verizon FiOS


this is what I get for same price as reviewer.

84.99 is for 75/35 internet when bundled with TV it's at (84/39mbps)
so the 84.99 is also with TV Package: Prime HD

Look, I see stars

Houston, TX

Re: hmm

Don't have Verizon FIOS in my neck of the woods unfortunately.

It's either comcast or U-Verse.

Picayune, MS

Re: hmm

Mine works great in southern Mississippi!!!

I start new work on
Granite City, IL

If you are having problems folks

we can help. either click on my name or post in AT&T direct (I believe there is still a link on the front page of this site) says something of "staff run a support forum...."