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Review by wheelbarrow See Profile

  • Location: Kansas City,Clay,MO
  • Cost: $68 per month
Good "Consistent speeds, good latency."
Bad "I wish the speeds were faster for what I'm paying."
Overall "U-Verse seems to be a good option for internet service."
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My Other Reviews

·Google Fiber
Update 12/16/2014:

I have switched to Google Fiber and no longer subscribe to U-Verse. At this point I still would recommend the service if other options are not available. The main downside of AT&T's product is that it is an aging technology (copper) in a world filled with cable and fiber optics. They don't offer a particularly good value.

Update 5/26/2014:

Speeds and latency have been consistent. Despite paying for 18 Mbps, I'm getting 22 Mbps due to over-provisioning. I'm still unable to subscribe to the 24 Mbps or higher packages.

AT&T recently bumped up the equipment costs per month to $7 for the modem/router. I wasn't too impressed with that move, and I'm still not.

I will be moving over to Google Fiber within the next few months, as signups were recently made available to my location. I still consider U-Verse to be a decent option if Google Fiber is not available - though the price does seem to be a little high in comparison to other providers in the area, of which offer faster speeds. Considering how badly AT&T is going to be whipped once Google Fiber actually starts service in northern Kansas City, you'd think they would try to be a little bit more competitive.

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DAg Aligaz


Disappointed Customer with AT&T U-verse

I was out of internet/AT &T U-verse/ for one week
lost all times and money from 5/6/ 2014 through 5/13/2014 I called tech support and they told me they gonna send me a new modem. I got the modem arrived after couple days later and I called them back, to let them knew that I had the same problems "not working”…...the AT&T U-verse Rep. apologized me for inconvenent she told me that their is a network problems around my areas they promised me to be solved within the next day which they did fixed the problems. I send back the box/modem next day and they received it no problem. The funny parts now they send me additional $100 dollars bills on the top of my regular bills…no reason why?. I called back waited about (24.19 minute) to speak to someone. I talked to Rep. ’ after waisting time she told me that I have to pay this extra $100 dollars and then later I’ll get it back in three month as a crdit .
They got wonderful system right…??? they can’t take it out this $100 dollars from there system right away according she said and apologized again …… Wow…..
I’ll wait 3 month to get my ($100dollars) credit back!
Great service AT&T U-verse….!
I was very disappointed losing time, money and I got to scwed-up charged $100.


Danville, CA
·AT&T U-Verse

Danville, CA U-verse Customer.

We've been with U-verse since their roll out in this area; one of the first to sign up. We left/abandoned/ran away from Comcast.

Due to "Dedicated" Internet Speeds; we've speed tested FASTER than Comcast; and MORE CONSISTENT speeds than Comcast. Routinely under Comcast; we'd drop easily to 1.5 Mb or slower. With U-verse, we routinely hit 44 to 45 Mb on our 45 Mb package.

We've NEVER had an outage; unlike Comcast, and are VERY happy with our U-verse services.

ONLY ONE ISSUE ongoing right now; and that is random pixelations on multiple channels during Prime Time viewing on HD. AT&T has done EVERYTHING it possibly can do; and the pixelations persist. We will continue working with AT&T to resolve the issue.

12-17-2014 at 3:47 PM - PST