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  • Location: Lafayette,Lafayette,LA
  • Cost: $26 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Technical support was nice and helped with some of my issues."
Bad "Not all my issues were fixed,Customer service in general sucks!"
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I have problems with my speed constantly dropping, turtle walks alot faster
then AT&T Uverse speed.I called technical support about it sent a tech out
and put a filter.I still continue to have the same problem with my speed
dropping! Then I called the tech department twice,Everyday I go on Facebook
and I always check to see where I'm showing logged in.I live in
Lafayette,La. and for a while it was showing me in different towns in
Louisiana.The past few weeks it started showing Richardson,Texas,The 1st
tech I talked to had me reset my password for my Uverse modem.Then that
seemed to help for a short time it was showing me logged in the city I live
in.The 2nd tech I mentioned that same problem to also didn't really help me
resolve the issue,Yet both techs told me that my computer was hacked
because when I tried to log onto my computer to put my user name and
password I couldn't.
I am moving so I called the department that handles disconnections and told
her the problem I was having she says to me it is probably because of your
firewall.I asked her about the contract I have if I have to pay anything
she said I have to pay 90 bucks.Well I spoke to a friend of mine and she
was on the phone with one of her friends who has AT&T Uverse and her friend
lives in Ohio and she was showing as logged in from Richardson,Texas
also....Hmmm what are the odds of that,she lives in one state and I live in
another and we showed as being logged in from Texas.
AT&T Uverse isn't worth the money and it's not a good internet to have,very
easy to get someone's computer hacked no doubt it happened to me.I was with
LUS fiber for fiber optic internet before and never had that problem,Their
internet was alot faster.
I borrowed a computer from someone recently and it is brand new not even a
week old,So I checked my Facebook and it was showing me logged in from
Richardson,Tx. So how in the hell can the person I talk to about getting my
internet disconnected tell me it was my firewall on my computer I can no
longer use and not a hacker,Yet this new computer showed me logged in from
that same place in Tx. and it is a brand new computer.If that customer
service rep seems to think she knows alot about a computer then why is she
a customer service rep and not an AT&T technical support rep.
I would never use AT&T Uverse again it is a trashy internet service one of
the worst I've had to endure,AT&T sucks and the speed sucks! A turtle would
win the race!!!

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I start new work on
Granite City, IL

I am confused

How did you go from moving to firewall/virus issues?