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Review by CUBS_FAN See Profile

  • Location: Chicago,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $72 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Having a designated line with solid and steady latency is sight for sore eyes after using Comcast for the past 10 years"
Bad "Nothing yet. Only negative is that my package is rated at 24Mbps download and speed test's show 21 to 22 best. No biggie"
Overall "Smooth connection even while streaming Netflix on the iPad and using 2 wireless connected laptops "
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My Other Reviews

Amazing that I placed the order early Friday morning (10/4/2013) at around 1am and had an install date of the next day Saturday morning. Install went smooth and the tech found some "bridging" issue on the line limiting my upload speeds. The installer placed a call to have it fixed. By the time he finished the install the other guy arrived to fix the bridging issue. My upload speeds average at round 2.90Mbps. That's almost exactly what's advertised. 12 month intro at $11.05 off @ 54.95 and $66 thereafter.

8/28/14 - About 10 months later (time fly's so fast) and not experiencing any issues. After 2 months I upgraded to the 45/5 power package and can even get impressive speed tests while connected via WiFi.

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dallas ebest


double billing

Feb. a year ago my router died. I called to get a new one and was told that me old one was a relic of by gone days and no longer serviced .. had to go the newer verse route I was told it would be less expensive .. first bill arrived about triple of what the old bill was( No note that I was billed for new equipment) second bill arrived -- same thing I called your hot line and was told the problem would be corrected it was never corrected ,, according to my figures you owe me about $700 in overcharges . I have written and phoned but nothing has taken place. I called and cancelled my internet and phone. and told the person I talked to that AT&T could take their bill and service and shove it where the sunshine would never see it again . I have no intention of paying your(Obama type of billing)