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Review by Wily_One See Profile

  • Location: San Jose,Santa Clara,CA
  • Cost: $175 per month
Good "Solid connection overall, good service for the few times there have been issues."
Bad "Need more HD streams supported. TV remote is annoying."
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I was an early adopter, getting U-verse back in 2008.
In the very beginning TV was glitchy, but since then those issues have been worked out.

Internet has been rock solid. Over the years there have been a couple of times when the connection was dropping. Tech Support found the issues (on their end) and rectified quickly.

As of Feb 2014, AT&T has increased speeds for several tiers:
»Re: Max Turbo Upload Bumped to 5 Mbps? STARTED TONIGHT!

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Customer Abuse

Run, don't walk, from AT&T Uverse. Based on my Extensive, Extensive experience with AT&T Uverse, no will be able to get thru to customer service for any issue. Yes, the service works well, but at what costs? If you feel like carving out 30 hours on the phone, having an area manager chew you out, multiple trips to a corporate store, placed on hold, transferred to wrong numbers, given incorrect contact numbers, incorrect answers to speciic questions, ect., ect., ect., then sign up. I would pay $200 to NOT to go thru the experience of contacting AT&T uverse. It is so bad that I believe it falls under Customer Abuse. I would love to have a VP, not a store manager, customer service manager contact me. My email is kadyco123@yahoo.com On a scale of 1 to 100, the training given by AT&T is a zero. Yes, zero point zero. It's a disgrace really? I cannot express completely the frustration trying to battle like a medieval warrior and overcome hoardes of misinformation, an incompetent web site, and people AT&T has chosen NOT to properly equip with basic knowledge to servgice customers. Hey, I know what I'm talking about - more than 30 hours on the phone with AT&T Uverse trying to get simple questions answered. Don't believe me, call Uverse sales department and ask a salesperson, "What is the current Uverse promotion"? Then ask, "What are the comparable benefits of the three plans of AT&T Uverse?" Seriously, email me. Zero point Zero.



-1 recommendation

Re: Customer Abuse

I completely agree. I also have one for you. We signed up with AT&T Uverse Internet on 9/13/2013. The tech came out to install everything on 9/16/13. I made sure to set us up on Auto Debit for payments and I'm not the best at monitoring, which leads into the next part. Last night around 7:00 PM CST our service was shut off. I tried to login to our online account to see what had happened (via my mobile hotspot with Verizon thank goodness) and we did not exist. I then spent the better part of an hour with Tech Support only for them to tell me that my account does not exist and call Sales Support in the morning (They're only open until 7:00 PM). Please keep in mind we have had service since 9/13 (3 months) and have received no emails stating our account was past due, or they needed a new card on file, etc. I get up and call Sales Support only to have them tell me the same thing - our account doesn't exist. They get a manager on the phone with me who is going to reactivate our account with a $100 advance. We essentially had not paid the bill in 3 months because our account didn't exist. I am absolutely fine with paying the $100 for that reason. Here's the kicker: We both work from home so as you can imagine internet connectivity is essential, of this I made AT&T aware. I was told that they would expedite the service to get it turned back on today. I called a few hours later to find out approximately when the service would be back on today and was informed that they couldn't do anything until Monday, this is Wednesday. I explained everything again and still no help. I ask you AT&T why in the world does a tech have to come out to my house to set me up when I was just set up 3 months and 5 days ago? You can certainly shut my service off with no warning remotely so why can't you reinstate it remotely. I'm with kadyco please email me and do tell at brandilb@gmail.com. This is a horrendous load of manure and explanation is due, especially since there was not a single person at AT&T who had dealt with this issue before and I seriously doubt there is any intention to fix it.

Knoxville, TN

1 recommendation

Re: Customer Abuse

Uverse is excellent. Have no problems reaching customer support.

San Jose, CA
·AT&T U-Verse

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Re: Comcrap plants

"Abused", "BrandiLB",
hmmm, so I just said I've had GOOD customer service from AT&T, and you come along to tell me I "won't be able to get through." LOL.

The last issue I had the office of the president (of AT&T) was calling me to make sure I was taken care of. I got primo service; what you state is a lie.

You Anonymous posters need to go back to your Comcrap masters and report your failure.



Re: Comcrap plants

What I just went through today with AT&T coaster service, I hope no one goes through! I only picked up the phone when I heard the representative start to yell at me pregnant wife! I heard him yelling from across the room! Then the battle went on for the next thirty minutes to try and cancel! Glad you were taken care of, but I will suggest people stay away!



Re: Comcrap plants

I have spent hours today trying to get my DSL turned back on. I was going to change my internet and phone to u-verse. Couldn't install the internet change due to snow and not safe to put an extension ladder up to the house.

Told it would happen last nite after the system updated or by the end of business (9 pm) Then a calling saying by morning, this morning - no internet - after talking to 7 people, it finally got turned back on.

I will be canceling my u-verse rescheduled install and keeping things as is. I'll be canceling the install mainly because i don't want digital landline phone service.

Jennifer P


Re: Customer Abuse

I agree. Horrible customer service. Issues are never resolved. Billing never correct. Have spent countless hours on the phone minth after month. Worth the extra $$ to go back to cox



AT&T Uverse

Thank you! The Internet is great! Hoping that you bring faster speeds to Del Valle,TX 78617 one day. They are advertising same price I pay for 45mbps for an even faster speed on TV. I am patiently awaiting. Thank you for you services AT&T. I play online gaming and MMO. Also downloads from iTunes. There are about Ten devices on my modems wifi/LAN. So you can see why I am waiting. I hope to get the faster speed advertised on TV at that price if possible. My connection is not coaxial it is a LAN based direct to my house. They just do not have the speed advertised on TV at my location, but you pay to receive and support them to create better services for other areas eventually. I also do not have a problem receiving customer support from them via live chat/phone. I think AT&T is an excellent service! Thank you.

Vallejo, CA

AT&T Internet has been great

I have had AT&T for Internet since back in the day when DSL was 128mb. I now have uverse for phone and internet and it has been great.

I do have a problem with the wireless that developed late Friday night , but I am sure that I will get a new modem ordered on Monday .

I am using a net gear as a access point and using that for wireless and even when I get a new modem may want to keep it this way