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Review by bestjsg See Profile

  • Location: Markham, Ont
  • Cost: $51 per month
Good "Amazing service !! Sign up and setup flawlessly !"
Bad "Seriously... none so far"
Overall "Ditch Rogers and Bell, come to Start.ca"
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I have been very cautious about switching my internet provider as I work from home full time and simply cannot afford to have even one hour of downtime, I was previously on 5 MB DSL with Bell, I must also say there are not that bad especially the guys at Bell Direct forum are very helpful too, anyhow, 5 MB is just too slow for todays standard and they don't have anything faster in my area, so I have to get Cable internet. I have called Start maybe 3 times to ask all kinds of questions before I actually signed up, the reps are ALL very nice and have patient to listen to their customers concern (can you name a few more companies that care ? I can't really...) , yet I was still hesitate to move to a company that I have not really heard of, so I looked at Rogers and they had a promo with 300 GB for a few bucks more but no installation and modem rental fee, Then I checked my postal code with Rogers traffic management website to make sure my p2p is not throttled...yes, it shows that it is NOT, so I have finally gone ahead with Rogers, and guess what...they throttle all p2p traffic..!! So called back to cancel etc, took 6 calls to fight and get everything straightened out at the end.

A couple days after Rogers install , I called Start back and signed up with them but again wasn't sure if I would even stick with cable internet , so took the offer of $ 5 monthly rental for a modem to sort of test the water and the rep told me I can use the monthly rental paid towards to the purchase price of the modem should I choose to buy it later . So I have everything scheduled and the transfer was completely flawless. From the day I ordered the service , I must have received 4-5 calls/emails from Start making sure I have everything scheduled, reminder for the transfer and even a call on the day of the hook up to ensure I have no problems.

For about a month now with Start , I am experiencing some inconsistent speeds and Rocco from this forum has been very helpful and I have just received a new modem to try to resolve the issue. (I am sure things will work out, no issue here at all.)

All in all, very very positive experience, anyone who is sitting at the fence of switching , don't wait , just do it...!!!!

P.S. Wow..just realize I have been a member here for 10 yrs...!!

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10 years in a blink

I just realized I'm a 10 year guy here also.