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  • Location: Hamilton,ON
  • Cost: $73 per month
Good "Just like the good old days."
Bad "Sorry, can't find anything bad yet"
Overall "Nicely done. I'm happy. :)"
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·WIND Mobile
Jan 10, 2013
Online order processed today at 1:30PM. Ordered the 30/2 Pro Cable package. Confirmation email was immediate, first payment of $129.89 (month 1 plus modem plus install + tax) taken in realtime. Got them on my CC and I'm a little nervous about that, but they'll get the benefit of the doubt based on positive feedback on DSLr.

Got the confirmation call about 8PM that night, and a follow up email shortly thereafter. Install date set for Jan 17, 8am - 5pm window.

Got the confirmation email about a half hour later stating the equipment was shipped XPressPost, with a tracking number. As of 10am Jan 11, tracking number not in Canada Post's system, so I guess the number has been dispensed but the item not physically shipped (scanned at an outlet). Probably go out this morning.

Modem received Monday morning. Canada Post left it inside the front door, but our carrier knows us well.

Jan 17, 2013
Cogeco tech just left. Great guy. I had a clear path to the modem set out for him, hole already there from the previous setup, he was in and out of here in 10 minutes flat. About 10 minutes after he left the modem synced up.

Later in the evening I got a courtesy call from Start to ensure that the install went as planned and that I was all hooked up and satisfied with both the service and the install process. Check, and check. Nice finishing touch.

Zoom zoom.

(Note, FYI, the upload speed is as advertised, a shade over 2mbps, the speedtest image is with QOS enabled.)

Update May 8th, 2013
I decided to stick with Start Communications in my move back to Toronto. I wanted an overlap of services so the install was a bit tricky. I arranged both the cancellation of my Hamilton service (Cogeco) and the installation of my Toronto service (Rogers) 2 weeks in advance. The catch was I wanted the new modem shipped to my current address, not the new one. Start made the arrangement and it all went off without a hitch.

Come install date, May 3, Rogers dude shows up right at 11am. He asked if I have Rogers TV services. I said no, the TV guy is suppose to come from 11-3 also. So, he calls Rogers and tells them he's there, might as well do both. Well holy shit. Somebody that knows what he's doing and takes a little pride ion his work. Dude pulls out the nest and dead shithawk (pigeon) from the Rogers cupboard, zip zip, up we go to the apartment. 15 minutes later the Nextbox is running, TV installed, and the cable modem is synced, giving me 45/4 through my new router, which I had already configured (rt-n66u + shibby tomato). Connection is consistent and stable.

Happy happy.

UPDATE - June 15, 2013
Had a nightmare issue related to having Start DSL installed in my apartment. The problem was the single pair of wires coming into the apartment were circa 1960 and went forth from my place into the ether.

Start folks escalated the issue with Bell and kept on top of them. In the end, Bell installed a new pai of wires from my 4th floor apartment to the phone closet in the basement of the building. They went over the roof to do it.

I now have Start cable service, 45/4, and Start DSL service, 16/1, as a backup. Both are capped at 300GB each. The only other issue is I'm hooked up to a stinger remote so my upload is somewhat lacking (just over 750k), but that's a Bell equipment issue that is not likely to get fixed. I can mostly live with that.

Frankly, I was about to give up, but it went off fairly well. Impressed.

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