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Six Month Rating

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Review by Anzio See Profile

  • Location: Innisfil,ON
  • Cost: $79 per month
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "Excellent service, fantastic speeds, extremely reliable, price is right"
Bad "None"
Overall "Great bang for your buck, depending on your usage. Incredibly friendly service"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Update: We've been on the 60/10 plan for quite some time now and decided it was time to update our review.

Additionally, we have just signed up for Business DSL and now have that active at our office and see the same speeds as expected. Only had to call Start one time to add a couple of people as authorized on the account, and there was literally zero hold/wait time.

The constant up-to-date status updates from Start (especially information about upcoming unreleased products) are absolutely amazing. This is truly the ISP to be with.

»www.speedtest.net/result/3700753 ··· 3193.png

After being with Start for a bit now, I can fully back them. Their service is unmatchable, and their reliability is fantastic (depending on your area, of course).

Their pre-sales information was fantastic, and their sales staff were extremely helpful and didn't push you to buy (the CEO even steps in to assist!) I cancelled Rogers and notified Start, and got confirmation of the install date the next day. Received my modem in just a few days. My Rogers modem worked a day past my cancellation date, so there was no downtime during the switch. It was an effortless purchase/switch.

I'm getting the same speeds (slightly slower) with SpeedBoost as I did with Rogers, and with a much larger data bucket. I signed up on the Pro plan at 45/4 and consistently see these speeds.

Their service/support, although unused so far– is seemingly excellent. I got a call on my install date to notify me that I can plug in the modem (which I had already done) from an extremely friendly gentleman.

I feel like they want me as a customer, and I will stick with them so long as this feeling remains. I would never hesitate to recommend them!

Earlier speed test: »www.speedtest.net/result/2527798 ··· 8076.png

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Innisfil, ON


Interesting. It says I updated this review a few hours ago, but I never touched it. Nothing has changed. Everything is still great!