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Review by Doctor9 See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $60 per month
Good "CEO who doesn't browbeat and double talk his customers, uncongested network, speed as advertised, friendly support,"
Bad "No paper bills, not the cheapest out there."
Overall "Quality service. Despite prices that are a little higher than others, if you consider the quality of the service, it's a steal."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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Value for money:
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A few weeks ago I decided to start moving my accounts away from Teksavvy. I heard Start Communications had an almost flawless review history so I decided to go with them.

I went to their website and was impressed by how professional it looked. It didn't have characters making funny faces to distract and fool customers. Often companies will employ methods like this to hide a shoddy service and it is a definite red flag in my book. This ISP was professional and upfront, I liked that.

I called to place an order and I was impressed there were no wait times on the phone. The lady I spoke to was professional, friendly, and was able to answer all my questions.

During the couple of weeks period between sign up and activation of service, there were a few concerns I had because of what I believed to be misinformation given to me by Teksavvy when I called in to cancel. The CEO of Start, Rocca, contacted me and looked into my concerns personally. He was available to me any time I had a question and I think this speaks volumes about the company. He even answered my questions on a Saturday which I would assume to be his time off at home. He was absolutely top notch.

The activation day came and the service was up and running like promised. I received the exact speeds I was paying for. I am unable to actually test out the speeds personally, but I directed the user of the account to go to speedtest.net. The user reported to me that Netflix loads up much quicker than before, and the connection is a lot less sluggish.

Start isn't expensive by any means, but it is slightly higher than some other offerings out there. If you take into account the rock solid and uncongested network, I believe they are actually cheaper than the competitors. This has been the best quality network I have seen to date.

Despite other companies out there who offer faster speeds at cheaper prices, I think I will be bringing over the other accounts to Start.

A true 5 star company.

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