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Six Month Rating

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Review by killmak See Profile

  • Location: Hamilton,ON
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 15 days
Good "Best customer service I have seen in any company."
Bad "None!"
Overall "If you can get onto this ISP do it!"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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About 6 months ago I got fed up with Cogeco and their crazy prices and decided to switch over to Start as they had some awesome reviews and good prices as well as a larger cap. From the minute I contacted them up until now I have had nothing but awesome service from them. Since I was switching they didn't have to come install anything. They delivered the modem I bought within a few days as well. On the day of the switch they contacted me to make sure everything went fine with the switch over. Since I wasn't home they called me back the next day to make sure I got things set up okay.

Earlier this month I decided to switch over to the new plan they had out with the 2-8am unlimited as I was going to go over my cap and I knew I could move some downloading to that time slot. I e-mailed them about it and they called me back quickly and got me switched over right away. I got an e-mail the next day saying I was already over my cap because I switched to a plan with a lower cap. I contacted them to make sure that they would pro-rate everything so I would pay for the overages properly and not as if I was on the new plan the whole month. That e-mail ended up getting forwarded to Rocca (the CEO) who personally got back to me stating he would just give me 100GB's free for the month on top of the new cap I had. He saved me about $20 in overage fees for the month because of his generosity.

Finally today a friend of mine that I referred to start right when I joined was moving out of their place unexpectedly and no longer needed their services. Since it was after hours she e-mailed them asking how soon they could terminate her services as she was moving. Even though it was after hours she got a phone call minutes later asking if she wanted her account cancelled right then and there. So they saved her from paying for a full month of service thanks to a last minute cancellation.

After coming from Cogeco where they nickel and dime you, overcharge for the same services and have terrible customer support Start Communications is head and shoulders above them. I have never seen customer support this good and responsive from any company. It is great to see that in this day and age there is still a company out there that is always putting their customers first.

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