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Review by Ree See Profile

  • Location: h0h0h0
  • Cost: $55 per month
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "Rocca, price"
Bad "Nothing so far"
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I was with Teksavvy many years ago, but left them for Rogers at a time when Teksavvy didn't offer cable in my area. By the time my contract ran out with Rogers all the TPIAs were on the APOI setup, so cable was finally available to me through a non-Rogers provider.

My initial instinct was to go with Teksavvy, since I'd used them in the past and had no complaints, but Start had free install (for Rogers to Start transfers), better options (10 up available on any speed tier, so I went with 25/10), and better pricing. In addition to that Teksavvy has caught a lot of flack for lackluster support in recent months, no doubt due to their incredible growth, whereas Start is still small enough that the CEO is available to answer pre-sales questions.

As mentioned 25/10 is what I ordered, for roughtly $55/mo taxes in. A separate modem purchase or rental was required since I didn't already have one, and I opted to buy one outright.

Ordering was a simple online form, although i was a little confused about one of the inputs. Rocca cleared it up for me in the Start forum though.

Install happened exactly when it was supposed to (30 days out, to give Rogers their required 1 month notice). No visit was required since it was a transfer. Since I cancelled TV with Rogers at the same time someone did come out a couple weeks later to install a filter, but they didn't disconnect my line (which has happened to other TPIA customers from what I understand)

By the time all was said and done I received two courtesy calls, one to confirm the details of my order and install date, the other to confirm that the install had taken place and that everything was working. Can't ask for better customer service than that!

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