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Review by OVERKILL See Profile

  • Location: Peterborough,ON
  • Cost: $87 per month
Good "Fantastic speed, reliability and customer service"
Overall "Unbeatable in the market they serve"
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Install Co-ordination:
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Tech Support:
Value for money:

I signed up with Nexicom years ago as I had heard that they were a local alternative to Bell, offering better customer service and support.

I have been at my current location for over three years now. And have been using their service the entire time.

They have Annex-M ADSL2+ on their DSLAM, which is located in downtown Peterborough.

They had no issue with me providing my own equipment, which was also nice.

Initially I used a D-Link ADSL2+ modem (Annex-A) which sync'd to their DSLAM at 19Mbit/1Mbit. I later switched to a Cisco router with an ADSL2+ HWIC card, which is what I'm presently using and syncs at 20Mbit/1Mbit.

No throttling, no caps. Coupled with fantastic service and support (I had to have my DSLAM profile modified when I switched to the Cisco equipment, as it initially only sync'd at 14Mbit), they truly are the best option in this area. And if you can sync to their DSLAM, you will get speeds that rival Cogeco cable, but without the bandwidth cap and the other "not so niceties" that come along with it.

I recently began using Nexicom's telephone service as well. I had been using Rogers Home Phone, but they stopped offering it in the area, which actually worked out well, as I had been wanting to switch (for matters of convenience, there were no issues with Rogers Home Phone service itself, and it was far cheaper than Bell) to Nexicom, and this allowed me to do so with no contract issues.

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