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Review by kingfisher See Profile

  • Location: Webster,Monroe,NY
  • Cost: $60 per month
Good "Has never failed to work acceptably when I needed it"
Bad "I am usually hard wired to the internet so don't use it much"
Overall "Good when traveling and as a backup to my cable internet service"
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I use the service by tethering my BlackBerry to my laptop. Serves the purpose for which I obtained it. Performance is acceptable in every geographic location where I have tried it.

January 2009 - Replaced my BlackBerry 7130e with a BlackBerry Storm during the latter part of November 2008. The Storm is Ev-DO Rev. A capable and I have seen download speeds above 2Mbps in testing. My satisfaction with the level of service remains high based on my usage.

March 2010 - I have been spending some time at the home of a relative who doesn't have internet access. Verizon Wireless Broadband is reliable at his home in a small town in Central Florida, although considerably slower than near a bigger city. Far more satisfying than having no Internet access at all. My satisfaction with the service overall is good. I am a good candidate to upgrade to LTE when available.

January 2012 - I have moved from BlackBerry to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. 4G speeds are impressive and the connection remains reliable. Speeds are so good, I am considering dropping my cable internet and using wireless only. At our house, total internet usage has been ~15GB/mo. Although we have two Verizon phones with "unlimited" data, I wonder if there might be repercussions at the 15GB/mo usage level.

November 2014 - Using the Samsung Galaxy Nexus tethered (Clockworkmod Tether) today as an experiment with Windows 10 Enterprise Preview on a Lenovo Thinkpad laptop. Haven't used the service for tethering much recently as I also have mobile hotspot capability. Performance is acceptable as usual. I have made a few Google Hangouts calls during this session which means they were made using voice over LTE data. Quality of these calls was good. Still a good alternative to a wired connection when needed. It's about time for a new XLTE phone where I would expect performance to be even better.

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