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Review by Smokey See Profile

  • Location: Wild West
  • Cost: $54 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Great coverage"
Bad "High cost for low caps"
Overall "Best national data choice, but you pay for it."
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I have had Verizon wireless data on my business laptop for just over two years now, and it has worked out great for my needs. While driving on the highway at 55 or faster, it holds a rock solid signal and seamlessly transfers between towers. With rare exception, I have had coverage at locations I have visited. The service is on the expensive side, but with discounts available can be tolerated and written off as a business expense.

Update: 6/25/2011

Verizon wireless data service continues to be the best mobile data service I have used to date, in coverage area. What I have found lately in my travels is that while you may have EVDO coverage in the more remote locations, it can still be as slow as dial up. My NM travels showed VZW to be over populated on the cells I used, as during the week it was almost unusable, but on weekends it was blazing fast an no timeouts. My use of the network in NV is similar, but at far slower speeds all around and dropped signals from time to time. Given the remote areas I operate in, I can not complain too much. The efficiency of having the ability to access the network with the laptop card is hard to replace, even with wifi becoming more prevalent in hotels.

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