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Six Month Rating

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Review by deadheadrjp See Profile

  • Location: Auburn,Placer,CA
  • Cost: $29 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 730 days
Good "Excellent signal in my local rural region - even my very remote fishing spots"
Bad "Tethering $; No Data-Only option; no unlimited data on new #s"
Overall "Only carrier to cover almost all of the rural areas that I frequent; a little too costly, but good service"
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My Other Reviews

·Wave Broadband
4gLTE is excellent in my area. I have been a Verizon Wireless customer since its network was owned by the CellularOne company (first in this area in 1990s and I had a bag-phone initially).

For a time AT&T Wireless owned this network, but now Verizon Wireless does. The current AT&T wireless (as of my writing this) is not the same network that the old AT&T Wireless was on (current AT&T Wireless bought Cingular and is looking to expand with more companies now).

When 4gLTE isn't covered, I get good 3g coverage (first a Droid-X; now a Droid-Charge) - and even my 3g signals are good enough speeds for Netflix as transportation passenger, etc. in most areas I frequent.

I wish that I could drop my VZW Voice Plan & just keep my grandfathered unlimited plan - and also dropping the extra $30 for tethering un-rooted would be nice, since I am not the richest person in the world. I could use a VoIP service on my Android phone - and I would look to VZW for any VoIP plans first; so, I would agree to still keep me paying some sort of fee for Voice Plan, but hopefully if they started a VoIP offering of their own if would be better value than the current Voice Plan Minutes structures\offerings. Even if they didn't want to venture into VoIP service of their own, it would be nice if I could keep my account as data only plan, use tethering & VoIP for voice and of course use video calls via 4gLTE\3g.

I could have bought my Xoom without any contract discount, and that would save me its $30 limited (since new account) data plan, since I connect it to 4gLTE unlimited VZW via my phone's tethering wifi VZW plan - but, I can't really complain about that because my Xoom was 1) Fairly well priced with "Black Friday Discount" and 2) Promotional Code found via Google; and 3) Discount for being "Upgrade Eligible," instead of # listed by VZW as "Full Price; Eligible for Discount on ______."

So all in all, my option is either excellent Xoom VZW price (but, with $30\month for 2GB Xoom 4gLTE Data Plan, when I really just want to connect to 4gLTE via WiFi to Droid-Charge with the Unlimited Data Plan); or, if not that situation, I could pay Xoom or other tablet full VZW price, or price from somewhere else perhaps with sale & no contract - and then connect that way without VZW Data Plan for the Tablet and just WiFi to Droid-Charge; but, then again, I doubt I could find that sort of heavy discounted deal anywhere else, as I found on that particular day from VZW itself, in order to add a Tablet to my VZW account (even with its additional required contract for $30\month for lowly 2GB data\month).

So, to recap:

1) I'd be really, really happy if VZW started offering Data Only billing option for Tablets & Smartphones; and they should perhaps consider themselves starting a VoIP service to add, or let someone pick Gmail, or Skype - for access to traditional phone system.

2) Also, I wish this tethering $30\month fee required for mobile wifi would be lowered, or eliminated again. That being said, their service is excellent; I would have no coverage in over half of my regular locations, if I picked any of their current competitors' networks (as of me typing this, 12-10-2011).

3) It would be nice if my Xoom didn't require a data plan and just use WiFi to connect to tethered phone for 4gLTW & 3g; but then again as I mentioned, I wouldn't have been able to get this Xoom for nearly-free via VZW.

4) Essentially, this VZW 4gLTE speed, service and coverage for my area is good enough for me to drop my home internet service, if I lived alone and there were not others needing to use internet, while I am away from the house with the required hotspot-creating 4gLTE phone.

* GENERAL GRIPE: New customers that aren't fortunate enough as myself to have "grandfathered" VZW Unlimited Data Plans, are really being taken to the woodshed, with these $30 for 2gb or 4gb Data Plans. One family road trip (even a simple day-trip) would totally cap your monthly Data limits and create huge overage charges, if you passengers watched more than two, or so Netflix streamed movies in the vehicle\during your trip.

* GENERAL ADVICE FOR VZW: Bring back unlimited data for new #s - or, at least better plans, since many people get Tablets for streaming mobile media (data); keep expanding 4gLTE & beyond; look at marketing possibilities & business plans that don't make VZW look so greedy & emphasize the superior coverage in many regions.

* GENERAL ADVICE FOR CONSUMERS: Check for carriers with unlimited data plans that are available to you, but be sure to compare coverage maps, for the areas you'll most be needing service\signal in. Additionally, you may want to consider setting up VPN connection, for your 3g\4gLTE\data; better privacy, especially good for better privacy using mobile carriers as WANs.

UPDATE, 12-11-11 - Here's a speed test that is about average, but an area with a "Fair" 4gLTE signal and WiFi-tethered to a Win7 laptop: »www.speedtest.net/result/1642514 ··· 4171.png ...(it does burst higher in this location)...

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