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Review by LilBambi See Profile

  • Location: Dendron,Surry,VA
  • Cost: $80 per month (24 month contract)
Good "When it works right it is a dream to use; Excellent bandwidth"
Bad "COST is outrageous for ONLY viable broadband solution"
Overall "VERY EASY to go over cap. $80/mo plus $10/GB over for 3G MiFi"
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We live in a small town in a rural county of Virginia, within 14 miles of Williamsburg, VA across the James River.

As you see from the monthly cost, on average, it's approx $80/mo IF YOU NEVER GO OVER YOUR 10GB CAP.

For many people not going over that 10GB cap would be easy.

For us it is VERY EASY to go over and to do it in a big way without watching any movies or TV shows. Since nearly a year ago when we got our MiFi -- which by the way was way cheaper than the previous solution of two USB devices with 5GB caps on each and so much per MB over that! -- we have tried to keep to the 10GB and sometimes we succeeded and often we went over a couple GB.

Recently there has been more remote session work due to gas prices being so high, and more website work. All of which is great news BTW. It saves on gasoline and wear and tear on the car, and wear and tear on me and my time, however, our bandwidth has gone up accordingly. So I am not at all sure there is ANY savings at all, and maybe it's actually worse on costs if truth be told.

We have a business where we work on computers in homes and here in the shop. Many times there are lots of updates to get for not only our own computers but for clients as well. We have to download updates for plugins, browsers, software, etc. all the time to keep up to date. We download ISOs for diagnostics and Linux computers, we do remote assistance for clients, and website design and hosting.

With both home and business bandwidth needs, it is very easy to go over. Particularly with remote sessions for my business and website work. NOTE: We do not watch any movies online, or TV shows as much as we would love to do so.

At the end of April, on our last Verizon Wireless Broadband bill Verizon Wireless Broadband Internet was $190.29. This was ONLY for the Internet. Cellphone costs were on top of that.

Verizon Wireless broadband service is excellent, or at least most of the time, as long as you can find a place in your home to get a constant signal. And IF THEY DON'T GO MOVING THE ANTENNA ON YOU AFTER THEY GOT YOU ON THE HOOK FOR ANOTHER 2 YEAR CONTRACT!

Now that they have moved the antenna, we ended up having to put it on top of a hutch on the second floor northwest corner of the house to get it to be constant now. NOW THEY SAY WE ARE ON THE FRINGE. We can see the tower across the field. But we are on the fringe. Unbelievable.

It used to work anywhere in the house, but apparently from what was said, even though this is our ONLY viable 'broadband' option for our home and business needs -- which are granted intense by comparison to the average user due to my online business needs -- they have moved their antenna on the very close tower (within a mile across a field) so it no longer faces us and is no longer full bars for us.In fact, it still goes down for us several times a day and reconnects even in our best location now. But when it is working...

When it is working, the service bandwidth and throughput is absolutely amazing! And we are just on their 3G.

We really need a 4G LTE tower near us and hopefully it will be soon since we really have no other choices.

HughesNet is not ready for prime time and throttled which would be totally useless for my business purposes

AT&T and Sprint towers are either too far away or slow to nearly dialup speeds on GSM only -- no 3G or 4G at all for literally many miles; even more miles away than Verizon's 3G network's close tower that we connect to, and at least as far away as Verizon's 4G/LTE over in Wiliamsburg for comparable 4G.

Customer Service is outstanding, especially once they get you to a higher tier engineer tech. They really do try to help the situation. Unfortunately, there is only so much they can do in my case, now that Verizon has re-aimed the antenna on the tower to accommodate more users (which I do understand btw, but understanding doesn't fix my problem now does it?) instead of adding another 3G antenna or changing over to 4G LTE which is coming but WHEN!!!??!

But even if 4G/LTE and 4G/LTE HomeFusion (SM) Broadband does come, which would be our best possible solution which is best case is still $120 for 30GB and provides:

* Fast Internet access with average speeds of 5 - 12 Mbps download and 2 - 5 Mbps upload
* Wi-Fi connectivity for up to 20 devices
* Wired (Ethernet) connectivity for up to 4 devices
* Up to 5 email accounts included

Overages will still be $10/GB over the 30GB so we will still have to be closely watching our bandwidth. And still no movies or TV shows online. Or much of anything in the Cloud either such as backups, syncs, etc. Audio books, TED video or remote video classes at the colleges.

But it is certainly better than $190.29 for 21GB of data for the month and that was watching it closely!

I love the bandwidth throughput when Verizon Wireless is working well for us, but even so, it's a double edged sword. The faster it comes down, the quicker we hit our cap....

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