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Review by why60loss See Profile

  • Location: Wake Forest,Wake,NC
  • Cost: $61 per month (24 month contract)
Good "Fast when it work's, best upload speeds I can get ware I live."
Bad "Connection disconected just about every day 5+ times a day"
Overall "If you can, go to AT&T or sprint for LTE due to poor tech support"
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Install process:
Connection reliability:
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My bill is low becuase I have unlimited data with the 450 min plan.

Now I got my Droid razr On 12/5/11 and signed my first contract with verizon. Got unlimited data after by asking for it. At first it worked well but then it started to drop 4G and fall back to 3G even in the verizon store right in the sale reps face with every phone the store had held 4G with 4-5 bars at THAT time.

He just had replaced the sim too when that happened. So then it worked a bit better after rebooting it again for the 3rd or 4th time THAT DAY. Then after the first month of the year, I started to get very slow down load speeds like 500kbs, but upload was mostly fine at 5-10mbs. So I called 611 about it and hard reset my phone 2 times, and some more thing's they said to try and it all failed. By that time I went back to the store and showed him this and he reseted the phone. It worked again for a bit, but as soon as I got home. 500kbs again

I called 611 again and told them I done every thing they told me to and then DID it again so give me a "new" phone. They then sent me the "new" phone and it worked better, but still had the same core issues just not as much. It went on and on with 611 call's getting no ware so I had to call the BBB and tell them I think verizon is throttling me, but won't tell me the truth. After that they mostly fixed it, but still had issues with connection's droping, but not slow speeds.

That was over a 4-5 month time trying to fix that.

(This part is more about the phone it's self, but verizon wireless did it so I think it can be a part of this review.)
Thing were going "ok" for a few week's after that and then verizon pushed out the ICS update for the Razr that 99% fixed the speed issues and fixed even more of the connection issues, but then flash player did not work at all when ICS still SHOULD work very well with it. So after 2 days on the phone with verizon and some words in between the lines at the end that if you could put 2+2=4 you would know you could get sued for this and they swaped it out for a galaxy S3.

So it's getting better now with the S3, but the way they dealed with me was not right so here is my review. I never really had issues like this with AT&T. So I was really just dissapointed with them for a long time and now very slowly trying get back to at lest thinking they are ok, but it will take a lot of time before I can tell any one I think they should join verizon.

Video of connection issues:



Video's of speed issues:







Update: With the free galaxy s3 Verizon gave me in trade for the razr, It work's a lot better now. No drop out's really and 10+mbs download and 5 up. The Droid Razr is just a bad phone that was very hard to get Verizon to replace and for that tech support will have to stay at worst rating.

connection reliability and services gained some, but for all the down time will not be 5 stars. If not for the poor support and issues they both would have gotten a 5. Also call's are poorer with this phone than with my AT&T phone.

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