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  • Location: Navarre,Santa Rosa,FL
  • Cost: $50 per month (24 month contract)
Good "Excellent-FAST-Reliable"
Bad "Low allowance"
Overall "4G LTE Rules"
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We began using Verizon 4G LTE in April 2011. Since we travel a great
deal, we had been dragging around a HughesNet satellite dish for years.
We took a chance with Verizon and it has paid off.

We bought two (2) LG VL600 cellular modems, one for my wife, the other
for me. The total for both is right at $100 a month for 5 gigs each.
Average speeds in 4G LTE areas has been about 14 megs down, and 1.8 megs

We were initially afraid that we would find ourselves in areas where
there was no service at all. Fortunately, for us and all the places we
travel, zero service is pretty rare. If we do not have 4G LTE service,
we do have either 3G or 2G. If you are on or near an interstate highway,
or near a major metro area, we are finding Verizon 4G LTE just about
everywhere. In most smaller towns, we get at least 3G.

We travel by RV all around the U.S., and were finally able to ditch the
"BIG DISH" satellite service. Verizon has been very good to us, and Tech
support has been excellent the two times we needed them over the past 2
years. We keep our cell phones on AT&T so that we have a separate
communications link in emergencies. The fastest 4G LTE speed we every
experienced was 22megs down, 2.8 megs up. Verizon 4G LTE is now our
primary internet access. Only complaint would be that six (6) gigs a
month for $50 would be a better overall deal for us. Downloading a 2.8
gig MAP update for our Garmin sucks the life out of a month's bandwidth

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