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Review by WI Fire See Profile

  • Location: Hudson,Saint Croix,WI
  • Cost: $90 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 12 days
Good "Fast!"
Bad "Need to keep within 20Gb/mo. limit - no online movies for me!"
Overall "Good value when no DSL or cable is available."
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Install process:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:
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I ordered the Verizon Home Fusion package with 20GB/month. This offering is new enough that there was unfamiliarity with the ordering process within Verizon, and I ended up with a new account, which was corrected with a phone call after I received my first bill. The install was done by a contracted DirecTV installer. they have orders to NOT mount the device on any existing tripods, etc. (but what I do after he leaves is my choice). I'm getting speeds of 22Gb down, 8+ up. There is still an issue where the Verizon router will fail the connection once every ~4 days, requiring a power-cycle of the router (but not the cantenna).

WARNING: Do not add this service to your "share-everything" cellphone data plan. The cost of data on that plan is much higher than keeping this device on a separate plan.

Note to networking geeks: For this system, NAT is provided by the cantenna, not the in-home router. The cantenna will be just another device on the 192.168.1.x network.

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Verizon Wireless Speed

Verizon Wireless Speed after has been "optimized": 0,02 Mbps!