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Review by marksquared See Profile

  • Location: North Las Vegas,Clark,NV
  • Cost: $60 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 2 days
Overall "Don't buy the Verizon Jetpack"
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Ordered the Jetpack mobile wifi with 4g monthly cap for $50/mo before tax. We wanted the Jetpack because we saw others using similar products in their RVs and we were told (by the sales staff at the the Verizon brick and mortar store) that we could use it at home or travelling and the 4g cap shouldn't be a problem as long as we weren't downloading videos, etc. We only use it, or have tried to use it, for email, social media and the occasional shopping. IT WON'T STAY CONNECTED. Sometimes it will remain online for up to an hour; most typically it will fail after a minute or so. We began complaining 30 days after we received the first product. In the 6 months we have been trapped into this contract we have received 3 replacement devices and a new sim card. We have logged many, many hours with their tech 'support' folks. They refuse to let us out of the contract without penalty because we live in an urban area with, supposedly, good reception and didn't complain within the first 14 days. They acknowledge that it is a nuisance to be constantly disconnected but as long as we are able to coax, cajole and beg the device to deliver our meager monthly allowance we are stuck with it. They are now sending us our 4th replacement device. Not only should you avoid the Jetpack - AVOID VERIZON!

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updated 164 days ago

Pittsburgh, PA

Which Model?

Which model did you receive? I had constant connectivity problems with my 4620le sold through Mellenicom. I picked up a different model direct post-paid through Verizon and haven't had an issue with it.