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Review by asdfdfdfdfdf See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $50 per month
Good "coverage, fairly reliable for wireless"
Bad "Cap for price essentially unchanged for 4 years"
Overall "It has to be tolerated when you have no other choice."
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Install process:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:
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4g with 4620L jetpack

Verizon coverage is top notch in comparison to the other carriers, though their advantage is diminishing.

Connection is quite reliable for wireless. Though during peak hours you can run into sluggish performance(web pages might not load the first time, etc) I don't have problems with loss of connection.

Installation is essentially non existent. Put in the sim card and battery and call to activate. Connect wirelessly.

The major frustration is the cap and the fact that price per GB isn't moving much over many years. My 3G service, 4 years ago, was $60 for 5GB. 2 years ago 4g was $50 for 5GB. Today price is $30 for 4GB + $20 device connect fee. In other words they advertise a lower price of $30 but in reality they have raised, not lowered, the price to $50 for 4GB. They know they have many captive customers with no other option and seem willing to milk their customers for every dollar they can squeeze out of them. The value proposition is not getting better though their costs are declining. This is why I rank the services and value so low. The wireless carriers want to push wireless as a substitute for wireline but you can't use the connection for much. In an age where AVERAGE wireline use is 30-35GB per month there is no way that this can be considered a serious alternative.

I have never had to deal with tech support so have no opinion on that.

T-mobile and sprint are rapidly expanding coverage. When there is reasonable 4g coverage in my area I will move to T-mobile 9GB for $60 service.

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