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Review by chances14 See Profile

  • Location: Imlay City,Lapeer,MI
  • Cost: $38 per month (12 month contract)
Good "great service; no problems as of yet"
Overall " Much better than Satellite and no FAP"
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I live in an area where my only options for internet are satellite or 3g on extremely congested towers. So it was a godsend when Air Advantage was finally able to get a signal at my location

ordering and Installation was flawless. No problems there

I am on the 1mb package for 38 bucks a month with unlimited usage and no FAP. I get my advertised speeds pretty much 24/7. Even with the unlimited usage i have experienced minimal peak usage slow downs. Pings are usually between 35 and 50ms depending on the time of day with very little jitter. I always get A's and B's results on pingtest.net. Gaming on my ps3 works quite well for a 1mb connection, which i was pleasantly surprised with. Web Pages and secure sites load almost instantly compared to my hughesnet connection as a result of the lower latency.

I've had Air Advantage for a couple months now and there has only been one minor outage, which was caused by a bad capacitor on their network and was fixed within an hour

I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who can't get any type of landline internet service

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