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Review by J E F F See Profile

  • Location: Kitchener,ON
  • Cost: $3 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Very inexpensive, installed very easily, works well so far."
Bad "N/A"
Overall "I have people I call in the states, and across Canada, doesn't make sense not to have it."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

·Rogers Portable ..
Not sure if I should say anything about Tech support, however, when I install MagicJack, in automatically installed updates.. (and said "We'll now install updates...Lucky You!") The package got to me pretty quickly, though I was surprised that it was mailed out only 35 miles down the road. Plugged in unit, Vista installed drivers, and then, it opened the "Drive" since this device has some memory that runs as a disk space. So I let windows autorun the built-in program. It was like this, and it was like that, and so forth and so on, 3 minutes later, I plugged in my phone, and made a successful call.
Reliability doesn't get a 5 since there have been the odd time that I get a dial tone, dial the number, but hear nothing. I just retry and it goes through.

Really, for $19.99 a year, and $20 for the unit, it pretty much sells itself. If you have a somewhat good internet, and have half decent computer, you're going to be in the good.

This is nice too, because you can take your laptop (if you use it on that) and BOOM..you can call anywhere in the US or Canada from your favorite watering hole that offers free wi-fi...plus, perfect when you are on vacation...

Call quality was very good. No cracked that you sometimes hear over a digital network. Maybe I was lucky, but...$40?? Man, you really can't lose.

More upgrade for magicjack...improved quality

Now they need to have it set up for Windows 7 and LINUX...not everyone wants windows guys...get with the picture.

December 26 - 2009 -

Still using magic occasionally. They still need to get area codes for Canada to make it a 'real' service. Not sure if or when that might happen. My guess is that the CRTC is preventing it. So, we're stuck as if we are calling from New Mexico or wherever...oh well.

HA! Time for an update - (september 2010)

Some issues

1) Set up for auto renewal. So some people were upset with this auto-renewal, not me. That said, it never auto renewed so I was left w/o service...
2) Connectivity issues. It's not 100% right now. Unsure why. If I try calling my number, I get fast busy signal. Outgoing seems okay.

Although connectivity maybe I can blame on the old beast I am running it on:
A 1998 relic Fujitsu Laptop: PII 233MHz running XP Pro. Maybe time for an upgrade? Only replace memory (to upgrade to 192 MB - the max this rig can do) and power adaptor was fried.

January 2012 - I got the new MagicJack that can be run computerless. No issues. I should had paid more attention, though, it offered to keep my same number and I declined no...guess not enough sleep. Anyway, seems to be working great, and giving the old laptop (circa 1998, before this site even existed) a break. Plus electrical savings. I do believe they limit you to 90 minute call though...nothing is perfect, but beats paying $20-$30/month+.

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