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Review by ctceo See Profile

  • Location: Mishawaka,St Joseph,IN
  • Cost: $5 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Price, Features & Simple install"
Bad "3-Way calling is awkward, Annoying popups & AWFUL LiveChat Support"
Overall "Currently 1.5 of 5.0, worth having if your broke or need a second line."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
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Update November 201. Quality and in-cinsistency of service has been over-shadowed by my ISP, at&t Uverse Internet. For the most part when internet is functional, service is top notch. Occasional mis-routed call or telco warning message but sound quality and overall quality is MUCH improved. Customer service has not been needed sionce July 2010, but doesn't mean that it has improved or gotten worse. reserving judgement on that aspect.

UPDATE June 9th 2010,
After awaiting a replacement MJ from a LiveChat rep that never showed up. I Contacted Live chat again, I was told that the replacement was not coming and that I needed to submit $9.95 shipping for the replacement. I was also told that if in the meantime I received a new MJ, I could have my number ported, and license extended for another 9 months due to the defective MJ that I had. After talking on livechat with "Jordan" I was essentially told A)They had no record of the reply conversation in which the rep promised to extend the license for 9 months, B)Were not going to Honor their previous promises C)Was told that I could port my existing account onto the new MJ (a friend just bought me) but it would still expire in 1 month (what good is that).

OFFICIALLY I am done. I would encourage everyone to drop there service before you get the shaft as well. I dont need this kind of headache, and they don't deserve any support for false promises.

Hearing me talk about the MJ a lot recently, and my friend having told us he got one prompted my GF to buy a MJ yesterday. After having set it up, which took all of say 15 minutes to get right. It seems ok, for what it was worth ~$35.00 + tax.

Right off I had a bit of a problem getting the intended PC to even see it. I plugged it in, it flashed a blue LED inside the MJ then nothing happened. I let it sit there for about 4 or 5 minutes, still nothing. I unplugged it, restarted the system, and plugged it back into the same USB port and viola it recognized, took about 3 minutes to do it's installation of a USB CD & HD device and to complete it's auto-update/install process, after filling out a brief application (about another 7 minutes) I was up and running with a local number.

Price, Features & a simple install (excusing the initial glitch of course)

Doesn't work well with sub-1.5 mb DSL packages or when you are using up bandwidth elsewhere. 3-Way calling feature is set up differently then the standard analog phone, as a result it's a bit cumbersome to use. Doesn't play nice with fax machines either. It's Popup ad window is a bit intrusive, and can be downright annoying when playing games, but is easily remedied by using fast user switching, and giving it it's own account.

Overall an UNSATISFIED rating of 1.5 of 5 for this one, but lemme use it for a month or three then get back with you, since I only just installed it yesterday.

I just updated my review to reflect my first week's experience, also see this thread:
»MJ Problems

Also, I'd like to mention that we weighed having faster internet or phone because our income dictated this to us, and we err'ed in favor of faster internet, I'd rather watch good streams than talk on the phone anyway.

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