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Six Month Rating

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Review by webtechy See Profile

  • Location: Fremont,Alameda,CA
  • Cost: $3 per month (300 month contract)
Good "cheap, easy to use and convienient, good international travel idea"
Bad "need PC running 24/7, little tech support, updates have not been useful"
Overall "if you are not very techy person than its easy to start-up w/ MJ and very low investmest so its hard to complain about $40"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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INITIAL REVIEW: 10/12/2008

The best things about having a magicjack so far in the last year or two that I've been using it has been:
1. when I was able to hack the sipinfo, which was subsquently taken away in an update they made to the USB device.
2. when my brother made use of the device with his laptop while in japan
3. being able to use it as a softphone on a PC for a while was useful with Xlite
4. I have had good results with some PC's I used it with as a FAX line where many other voip solutions I used had failed
I am planning to rely on my magicjack less now and may have to rethink renewing when my contract comes up since G5+GV+ATA gets me almost the same thing except for the faxing capability for an even cheaper price and I don't have to leave one of my computers running 24/7 in order to have the MJ receive calls. Hopefully, they will update MJ with newer features before my contract renewal comes up to give me more reason to keep my MJ since paying $60 for 5 years would be worth it just to have the MJ as a cheap backup voip solution.

UPDATE: 4/28/2011
Barely use the magicjack anymore as call quality has gone down in the last few years on it, it's still a decent value but having to be stuck running a PC has made it even less useful over time and I wish I had not paid for the 5 years. If I was going to get a VoIP solution today, I'd be ordering a NetTalk Duo instead.

UPDATE: 10/18/2011
I found that there is now magictalk.com to download on my computer and an app for my iPhone for magicjack. This helps to make the 5 years I paid suck a little less since I can now use the magicjack app with my account. If there was a cheap way to use the new HW magicjack plus version (no computer needed) with my existing account I would actually pay a little more to buy the new device but as it is I think you can only use the new magicjack plus version is you buy a new device with a new account and can't carry over the 5 years you bought before. I'm bringing down the "value for money" rating in my review and increasing the rating I gave for "ease of installation" as that's really the only area magicjack deserves a somewhat high rating.

UPDATE: 6/04/2012
MagicJack finally allows carrying over your purchased years from your original MJ USB dongle to the new MJ plus:
»Old Magic Jack to Magic Jack Plus???

And I can repurpose the old MJ USB dongle with GoogleVoice using GVJack:
»"GVJack App" Converts MJ Dongles To Google Voice

Checking through my emails I realized I paid for a 4-year rather the a 5 year extension through the "gold plan" claim code:

So my 5 year total at this point is really for $44 + 20 + $45 which is like $109 for 5 years until 10/12/2014 and so my total monthly cost is still about $2-3 bucks for the MJ dongle, then use through the hacked Xlite/softphone, then through the iPhone app, and finally through the now upgraded MJ Plus.

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