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Review by SlowFreddy See Profile

  • Location: Bennettsville,Marlboro,SC
  • Cost: $2 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Great Sound Quality..Easy Install..Save Big Bucks!"
Bad "Only if your Electricty is cut Off"
Overall "Talk All Day..NO PHONE BILLS..Buy From Many Outlets"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

April 1, 2014

UPDATE:.. MagicJack is still working flawlessly..BOTH OF THEM! Bought a New 10 dollar phone for my MagicJack Plus, the old phone got wet, From Talking So Much on MagicJack.. MagicJack is one the the BEST deals of my life, no joke.. I have saved lots of money over these 5 years and not a Problem with my MagicJack. Sound Quality is the BEST. My cousin ask me if I'm gonna ask her , "How Does My MagicJack Sound today", every time I call her. Check out the MagicJack website, Amazon, WalMart or many other outlets that sell MagicJack. No, I don't get Paid to say good things about MagicJack, MagicJack has PAID me, in SAVINGS!. YES, the 'OLD", Phone company had to come an take their line of the house..(but I still have AT&T Uverse internet), and together, they make a Great combination. MagicJack a Deal of Lifetime. All those wet eyes in the Office, will dry-up with a New MagicJack Plus.. Thanks, have a MagicJack day!

Bought MagicJack about 4 years ago, got a deal on the 5 year plan @ 49,00 dollars. took about 5 days to get shipped in to my house (now you can buy at your Local electronice store). setup was a Breeze, about 10 minutes, just plug-in (smaller than a Pack of cigarettes) n go. they have 800 numbers, Vanity numbers and you can pick a number you like, (if available) for your local area code are and outside of your state code.MagicJack plugs into your USB port, (use the extension cord), if you plug direct with MagicJack sticking out, you can drop something on it and break the Plug off..use the extension and let it hang down insted.. you have to dial your (1)-area code, then the number you want to connect to. I like MagicJack and the Sound quality is really as good as regular Phone are better (only speaking from my experience). Made the phone company take all their wires off the house, (hehe). SO INEXPENSIVE!..you dont need a computer that stays on all night, just a connection with the new MagicJack. make sure your Old phone isnt Corroded where your line connects before install. use a Regular phone (I have a 10 dollar one) and it works Great. MagicJack is a Great Deal, GO check MagicJack out. Thanks..

Magicjack is still working strong. Got the new Magicjack Plus about a month ago and it works great and the old MagicJack is working as usual. The new MagicPlus is about 29 dollars a year. Still using the old 10 dollar cordless phone and works on both regular and Plus Magicjacks. I will be getting another phone for the New MagickJack Plus. I use two different phone numbers. These are two different devices so I advise to get the MagicJack Plus, it works in a computer or just plug into your wall socket, plug in your internet connection and phone. Really simple and so inexpensive. If your power goes down you want have a line of communication through MagicJack, so you may want to invest in a USB backup system, if you are concerned. My power has been down maybe three times since my first review and the longest was a little over an hour during a lightning storm. None of my equipment is used anyway, during a storm. You can buy MagicJack from many retailers, or order direct from MagicJack. Save lots of MONEY, go get a MAGICJACK PLUS, just my opinion. Thanks for looking and and have a great day!

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Doesn't work worth beans

This was one of my bigger mistakes. The quality is awful, constantly breaking up, cuts off in the middle of a conversation, tells me to dial the area code when I already did and I could go on. The customer service is a pain in the neck and then you don't know if the problem is solved until you use it again and for more than a quick chat since my problems would happen after being on the phone for a few minutes. Not worth the price.

West Palm Beach, FL

Re: Doesn't work worth beans

It's all about your Internet connection people! if your Internet connection sucks Magic Jack will suck also you will find if you don't run MagicJack is a service on your computer it's not going to work very well. Never had a problem with MagicJack and will never go back to phone company or other provider.



MJ Works Great

Just installed my new Magic Jack 2014 to replace my original Magic Jack. You have to realized that the MJ is only as good as your internet, if you have a good internet connection and speed (No COPPER WIRES and about 10 mbps) you will have the finest deal on the market. BEWARE of one thing, when MJ installs their software for the new MJ 2014, they load up on a bunch of junk (ASK toolbar, etc.) that will immediately infect your computer. DON'T LET THEM INSTALL IT!


Re: MJ Works Great

Well... I do have Uverse Internet @18MB..using the Two wire copper, without any problems. Maybe there's something to your claim, but works great for me. Still have the OLD MagicJack and the New MagicJack 2014 . Both work great on my computer and the MagicJack 2014 works just as great in the 110V outlet. the 2014 MagicJack is good to take on the road or a trip, then you can use it in another area, when away from home. Haven't seen any New advertisements on the Interface, just the MagicJack ads and no spam. Never been INFECTED by MagicJack, or it's software. That's strange. LOVE MY MAGICJACK..save a BUNDLE of dollars.