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Review by Snakeoil See Profile

  • Location: Mentor,Lake,OH
  • Cost: $3 per month (36 month contract)
Good "Cheap semi-reliable phone service over the net."
Bad "Echoing in the line, dongle gets unloaded by the PC. Customer service."
Overall "If you seldom use a land line, but want a back up phone, go this way."

Before we had Magicjack, we were paying AT&T 60 to 65 bucks a year for basic land line services. I called AT&T to cancel my service, and the friendly customer service agent tried selling me a lower cost service plan. I told him that AT&T should have told me this years ago, when the options became availble, and not wait until I cancel.

So I hooked up the Magicjack dongle, paid for 3 years of service. The only problems are when my kid is playing games on his PC, then the magicjack gets echos, or lags. We are going to upgrade to the wall magicjack unit.

Over all we are happy with the service, because the monthly cost is below 10 bucks a month. Granted you get nearly zero in customer support, and the account information page is lacking vital information. For example, how much time is left to on my service.

But other then that, it sure beats paying 60-65 bucks for a land line that we only used about once or twice a week.

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