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Review by ImpldConsent See Profile

  • Location: Mcdonough,Henry,GA
  • Cost: $5 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Works while Deployed. -- Now works at home."
Bad "Dunno yet."
Overall "If you're deployed military and have internet, this works!"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

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UPDATE 8JAN2013: MJ had a deal that offered the MJ+ for 40.00 online. We did it based on my experience overseas. We transferred our number and eliminated our U-Verse home phone (45./month). The txfr was smooth and we have the MJ+ plugged into a switch. All is working well (sound check/call check/receive check). So: save 45/month, keep our phone number and all is well (so far).


ORIGINAL REVIEW: Had MJ since March 2012. I'm in the military and deployed. After 4 times deployed, I finally got internet to myself (at a blistering $90.00/month for 128k down). This is a maintained commercial satellite (SniperHill), bunch-o-switches. I tried Skype to home (horrible), MS Messenger (horrible), Google Talk (decent). My wife then sent me a cheap phone and a MJ+.

I have got to say this is the best way to call home that I can think of. The only time it's 'ho-hum' is if our 'wired' network is down and I have to leech off the wireless backup. It's not the MJs fault, it's the provider. They can call me (local phone number), I can call them. They can leave me messages on my vmail and I even get the .wav file sent to my email.

I can't see this working any worse from the states where the connections are better and near zero latency. The thing with internet satellite is the minimum 700ms round trip latency. I don't know how MJ does it, but I get none of the guarenteed latency I expect from the terrestrial-->sat-->terrestrial. I speak, I get an immediate response.

Obviously a no-brainer install. For the MagicJack Plus there are 2 options - usb and direct RJ45. I used the USB to my laptop, the application was automatically installed once plugged in ... a few questions ... done. Once I get home, I think I'll drop my AT&T voice and move over to MJ.

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PX Eliezer70
Hutt River


Thanks for a very informative review, and for your Service.



Not Totally Free Calls to USA

I recently was unable to make a call to a certain Telephone Number in Wilmington Delaware. The Service person on their Trouble "Chat" line advised me that it was an International call and that I needed to buy an International Pre-paid calling card. I advised her that Delaware IS in the United States of America but she still insisted that it's an international call. The Recording I get when I called the number stated "to call a conference line or a platform, please visit us at mymagicjack.com". I told her it did not say anything about an International Call.

I have had the MagicJack service twice. The original and the Plus. Both times I had to use Support for each one it was a terrible experience and was never resolved.