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  • Location: Las Vegas,Clark,NV
  • Cost: $20 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Low price"
Bad "See review"
Overall "MagicJack is not worth any short-term savings."

Rating 1 star of 5 stars

MagicJack itself doesn't work well and the company is horrible:

1. The low cost attracted me...and the benefits end there.

2. Calls regularly don't go through. Fortunately, my phone has a redial
button and it's gotten a lot of use with MJ.

3. Calls drop sometimes out of the blue.

4. The other party often hears tones that they say sounds like I am hitting
my phone keypad, which I am not. Sometimes I have to repeat comments
because the extraneous tones prevent adequate communication.

5. The service is pre-paid, but if you want to leave them, they require a
$30 extortion fee to keep your own number that you gave them when signing
up for their horrible service.

6. Their tech support system is only a chat box. They seem to not like it
when a problem is brought up and they regularly disconnect the chat with:
"Since we haven't heard from you, we must release this chat," which is
sometimes done 1 second after their or my last chat note.

7. MJ doesn't have 3-way calling. They offer a conference line instead, but
it has to be set up every time it's used.

8. The system dies and needs to be rebooted almost weekly. When contacting
their chat support people about it, they act as though it's a rare
occurrence, but it isn't. This happens regularly in the middle of a call or
when no one is on the phone so when someone calls in under this situation,
there is no ring and the call is missed.

9. When disconnecting from their service, they require more lead time than
anyone in the industry, almost 4 weeks.

10. Their advertising is deceptive on their basic product, which requires
that the computer be left on to receive calls, but they don't reveal this
until after the product is sold.

Summary: they are unethical, unprofessional, have lousy technology and are
not worth any short-term savings.

For perspective, I used to work in telecom, but have no allegiances to any
telecom company.

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lodged 2.1 years ago

PX Eliezer70
Hutt River

Useful review!

Thank you for a detailed and specific review of MJ. This is very useful.

The issues you raise are well known. I suspect that a lot of people give MJ a break because of the low cost....

There [are] better VoIP providers available, for not that much more money.

The other party often hears tones that they say sounds like I am hitting my phone keypad, which I am not.

That issue is called talk-off and can happen with other providers too. It is more common with female voices.