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Review by dickybilly See Profile

  • Location: Plano,Collin,TX
  • Cost: $3 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "quick easy setup; good voice quality"
Bad "nickel and diming over service costs"
Overall "cheap"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I'm switching from TMO@home broadband to magicjackplus. I've been testing for the past 2 months and have found no issues with voice quality compared to TMO. The only setup issues I've had is with the priority of the MJPlus h/w on my primary FIOS router. Magicjack support insists that the MJP must be connected to the primary router. I have it connected to the TMO@home linksys router w/o issue. The TMO linksys router is connected to the FIOS router.

I'm not happy with magicjack charging for every change and NOT publicizing their rates. I started with a free MJP phone # which I chose for the 972 area code. No issues. When I decided to port my TMO phone# to MJP they charged me one time $10 line change fee and one time $19.95 port fee. The annual port fee will be $9.95. If I decide to drop MJP and port my # from them to another service they'll charge me $30 to leave them (which I think is illegal).

I'm still in my first year so cost of service is included with the hardware cost. Second and subsequent years w/o contract $29.95. If you take their prepaid $100 5yr voice service contract the price/year reduces to $19.95. Once you take their 5yr plan if you decide to quit magicjack there's NO refund given on the prepaid $100.

As I write this there's NO call fowarding service. At one time it was available and free but I think when it becomes available again they'll charge for it. My work around for it is attaching a home answering machine with message notify..clunky but workable 4me.

As I write this there's no call forward busy service. I'm not sure if they'll ever support that. I have that now with TMO@home.

As I write this they don't have visual voice mail notify. If you pickup the phone you get a stutter tone telling you there's a voicemail message and/or you get an email message that you've a voice message waiting. My work around for it is attaching a home answering machine with message notify..clunky but workable 4me.

Overall the price I'm paying for MJP is less than half per year that I have been paying for TMO@home which meets my objective of lower home phone costs. I have a suspicion that w/o any kind of cost protection they will be raising their rates over time to meet their business model. If that happens I'll probably drop my home phone line (right now I need 2 lines, home and cell) or switch to another service.

One last note.....you can't beat the portability of the MJP hardware. Being able to take it with me on trips out of the US to make FREE local US phone calls anywhere is a BIG plus.

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poor service

I have had MJ for a couple of years and have never been really happy. I could not talk on the phone and be on the computer at the same time because the person I was talking to sounded like they were under water. MJ tried to fix it but couldn't. I am now leaving MJ and I too am being charged $30 to port my number to another service. I would never refer MJ to anyone. I guess you get what you pay for..For them it is only about the money not providing a good service.

Peoria, IL

Re: poor service

As far as the $30 port out fee, there is no reference of it in their terms of service, and they are not allowed to refuse the port if you do not pay the fee. I don't think I would pay them.

»www.fcc.gov/guides/portability-k ··· roviders


Miami Beach, FL

Re: poor service

I never paid the port out fees to MJ an I ported 2 numbers.
Apparently there are still some people who have consistently good call quality, I never met one in person but anything is possible.