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Review by cyrus369 See Profile

  • Location: usa
  • Cost: $71 per month
Good "Faster speeds than Century Link"
Bad "30%+ packet loss, Tech support cannot help, can't seem to schedule a tech to come out"
Overall "Great speedy service until these last few weeks"
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Originally I was a US Cable Subscriber and everything was great, much better customer service and the internet was solid. Now Baja Broadband comes in and changes everything. Which was great at first and I immediately changed to the new 30Mb tier. However, in the past few weeks my internet has been terribly inconsistent(packet loss, slow loads, pages load halfway, page not found errors). I have gone through tech support twice, no one is able to "see" anything wrong with my modem, when I ask for a technician to come out they can never seem to be able to schedule one and say they will call me back or they will email the field team and someone will call me. Neither of which have happened. I used to be able to walk into my local office and swap my modem with US Cable, no such luck anymore. I asked about purchasing my own modem(as I have gone through 3, this will be my 4th in a year) and was told there are too few approved 3.0 modems and it would not make a difference. When I asked for a list she refused and told me a tech had to come out, but she could not schedule one and she would call me back. I may just go back to Century Link, even though its only 1.5Mb at least it works!

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