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Review by Viruseater See Profile

  • Location: Hot Springs National Park,Garland,AR
  • Cost: $125 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Very fast and reliable with turbo"
Bad "Modem has to be cycled frequently"
Overall "Captive audience. I need the speed and there's no FIOS or U-Verse here."

I had to call to get my package. I didn't even know they had it. I saw someone with huge download speeds from them and asked how he got them. I have a turbo package which is 50mbps down, 2mbps up. Pretty slow up, but the download is nice.

Reliability had been very poor from this company, but when I upgraded to the turbo, I have had excellent connection reliability.

There is one caveat though, the modems are terrible. I have literally had 4 different modems cycled so far. And even with this one, i have to test the speed every couple days. the consistency on the top of the download drops to about 50%. But when I recycle the modem it all comes back.

Most times I can download at a steady 48mbps sometimes creeping up to 50. But overall, i can handle the modem reboots, and frankly have been very impressed with the network itself.

Nowhere near worth the money, but I work from home and need the connectivity

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