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Review by spacitytech See Profile

  • Location: Hot Springs National Park,Garland,AR
  • Cost: $53 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Reliable connectivity"
Bad "Pre-Sale advisement of all options, service scheduling, fluctuating bandwidth"
Overall "Not the BEST service, but definitely the best value in the area"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

As an IT consultant and service tech internet access is vital to my business. As an avid gamer and father of two children who are also avid gamers internet access is an integral part of family play time. I have used Resort Television/Cablelynx for well over a decade now. While the advertised speed is rarely consistent it is still faster than other options available in my area. AT&T has tried, in vain, to get me to switch to DSL for years, yet they have never been able to match the speeds offered by Cablelynx. Telephone support is typical, you wait as they read the "troubleshooting flowchart" and then they transfer you a few times until you get the experienced tech that solves the problem. Thankfully, in the many years I've been their customer I have only needed to call them once or twice. Installation service or any service that requires an on-site visit by a technician is a headache due to their scheduling. The typical call is scheduled for "sometime between 9AM and 3PM." Again, thankfully the need for service is a rare occurrence. The service is very reliable with interruptions being rare and quite honestly very acceptable for anyone with reasonable expectations. I should also mention that over the years I have been upgraded without notice or charge as they upgrade their infrastructure. It is a nice surprise to get up one day and find your internet running faster than you expected without any extra charges. I doubt that would ever happen with DSL! They do offer a business package that is much faster both up and down. The company does evolve to keep pace with some technology needs offering services for residential and businesses that include VOiP phone service, higher tier home service (if you can afford the premium), WIFI for hospitality businesses and a few other specialty programs. The bottom line is that Cablelynx offers the best value per dollar internet access in the Hot Springs area.

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