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Six Month Rating

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Review by gigahurtz See Profile

  • Location: Palm Coast,Flagler,FL
  • Cost: $152 per month
  • Install: about 8 days
Good "Consistent connection, good quality phone service, excellent customer service."
Bad "Bundle prices a bit high, equipment technology not as good as satellite."
Overall "Overall great company, excellent customer service, adding features/services all the time."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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++UPDATE: 4/11/14

Excellent customer service.
One company for many services.
Consistent internet connection.
Great phone reliability.
HD guide
Whole house DVR service works well

Equipment always seems a bit behind, would love to see more tuners.
Pricing is more than I would like to be paying (limited competition in my area).

It's been over seven years since I updated my review of Brighthouse. Over the past seven years I switched away for a period of time to DirecTV. I ended up back to the triple play bundle and I am pleased. The quality of my service is better than the rest. I'd love to see some more flexibility in pricing and would also love to see the higher speed packages a bit cheaper (currently on Lightning 30). Overall, I am very pleased with Brighthouse Networks and would highly recommend to anyone looking for their services. They aren't perfect, but they work hard to try and be.

++UPDATE: 2/25/07

I recently made the switch back to POTS (Bellsouth/AT&T) due to many call quality/reliability issues with my Brighthouse line. I had them come out a few times but it seems to be a problem in the area (too many customers in a short period of time). I spoke with several people who have their service and they were frustrated as well.

Problems I had:

1. Sometimes didn't get a dial tone when picking up my phone.
2. People didn't hear me but I heard them.
3. Not as reliable as Brighthouse claims.
4. Echo

I won't be switching back as i'm happy with Bellsouth. I was able to get a great deal since i'm switching from Brighthouse.

++UPDATE: 5/5/06

Just recently, Brighthouse unveiled a "Unlimited Florida" plan which gave you unlimited calls to anywhere in Florida (instead of the entire US). This works perfectly for me and it's only $28.99 a month. I use my cell phone for long distance calls so I didn't need it on the phone. It dropped my bill from $39.99 to $28.99. Service has continued to be flawless and I am slowly converting family to Digital Phone. I was a VoicePulse customer and it doesn't even compare (VP was good but Digital Phone is great).

If it's available, get it!


I decided to make the switch from VoicePulse to Brighthouse Digital Phone and couldn't be happier. My main problem with VoicePulse was 1) E-911 was non-existent in my area (and they didn't know when it would be available) and 2) I was having serious call quality issues with 50% of my upload being used (QoS enabled, ports forwarded, etc).

My Brighthouse Digital Phone has been excellent quality and very reliable. I have had no problems what so ever, installation was a snap and porting was very quick. I couldn't ask for a better overall experience activating my service.

I would recommend Brighthouse to anyone who is in the market for a good, reliable VoIP. As a primary phone line, you just can't go with the little guys.

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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL

Thank you...

For taking the time to review your recent Bright House Networks experience Gigahurtz. As always if you need anything let me know.