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Review by rebus9 See Profile

  • Location: New Port Richey,Pasco,FL
  • Cost: $47 per month
Good "Extremely reliable and get full advertised speed any time of day."
Bad "FIOS smokes them on speed."
Overall "If you can't get FIOS, this is your next best choice in the Tampa Bay area. No hesitation recommending it to family and friends."
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My Other Reviews

·Verizon FiOS
I've had Road Runner continuously since early 2002 and speaking as a power user who uses the connection for everything-- surfing, Netflix streaming, Vonage phone, telecommuting, etc-- it's been remarkably stable and reliable. When RR's main competition was only Verizon DSL, they aggressively raised speeds periodically at no extra charge, just to "one-up" Verizon for bragging rights. Ever since FIOS came to town it seems RR just gave up and is happy playing second fiddle. Last year I subscribed to FIOS because of the higher speeds, but I've kept the Road Runner connection as a backup since I telecommute and can't be without internet service during the workday. Call it cheap insurance. Bottom line is, if you can't get FIOS or just hate Verizon that much, Road Runner from Brighthouse Networks Tampa Bay in an excellent choice. Also, if you have a customer support issue, it's infinitely easier to get in touch with a RR support tech than it is to plod through Verizon's endless menu trees and holding queues. FIOS gives you the best speeds in town but are more expensive. RR gives you lower priced packages and more accessible phone support.

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