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Review by phattieg See Profile

  • Location: Orlando,Orange,FL
  • Cost: $47 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Performance is consistent, and uptime is great..."
Bad "Slower than what I was use to for the same price when I had Comcast..."
Overall "Beats the DSL packages available in my area in terms of speed and price..."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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Value for money:
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I've had this service for a few years now, and can say that it is really pretty consistent. The only time I can recall being offline was on the rare occasion that actual network maintenance was being performed, and in those rare occasions it has only occurred after 1am, and clears up before 5am. But it's rare that it ever happens. I've had a service call done for drop replacement, and for some minor packet loss issues, and the techs aren't usually on time with their trouble calls. The other problem was when the drop replacement order was put in, someone put in it was underground, when it was on the pole. The guy who came had no ladder, and didn't have the right coax to attach to the house with either, so it took another day without service to fix that. I also am not too happy with the port blocking that Bright House (and RoadRunner in general) do for web servers on residential service. Not running a busy site, but it seems to auto block port 80 if I get more than a few requests on that port for a few days, and it seems to be an intelligent block, because if I move ports, it identifies that the traffic on that port is http based, and blocks it for a few days automatically. But on another note, I am on the basic tier, and I'm downloading torrents on average at speeds above 10mbps down. Upload is around 1000kbps...

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