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Six Month Rating

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Review by Noah Vail See Profile

  • Location: Port Richey,Pasco,FL
  • Cost: $110 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Very Reliable - Good on-call techs - Over 100% of advertised speeds"
Bad "Biz service expensive"
Overall "BH is an excellent company and better than most ISPs."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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After 10 happy years, this is my final review for Bright House Internet.
(even though I still offer BH as an option to my Biz customers)

If you live in the Tampa/Orlando area, here's why Bright House could be a GOOD choice for you.

1) Service is highly reliable, in the short and long term.
I monitor internet+log internet quality and know when service is sub-par.
Aside from very infrequent maintenance windows (~20min, usually @ 3AM), service is consistently ~100% quality.

2) Performance is good, especially for a cable provider.
I host mail, remote desktop, VPN and Minecraft servers on BH. My pings between my local and public gateways avg a bit under 10ms.
I consistently get over 100% of advertised speed

3) Bright House doesn't cap, throttle or limit traffic.
I've never had ports limited, including any SMTP.
I've never had bandwidth throttled, including bittorrent.

Bright House has no caps, period. My usage has surpassed 1.2TB/month.

4) Good BH technicians. They tend to show up on time.
I've noticed that BH is outsourcing service calls to a 3rd party. Those techs are OK at what they do.
However genuine BH techs are much more adept at solving technical issues.

5) No contracts required for residential service.
Oh yea.

6) Bright House is an ethical company, a compliment I rarely offer.
Unlike most ISPs, BH doesn't have a history of rampant anti-consumerism.
Also - the few times my local BH office wasn't up to par, an advocate at the BH HQ (Syracuse) stepped in and immediately resolved my issues.

7) Geeky stuff:
BH supports IPv6
Upload rates went from 2Mb to 10Mb over the last few years.
BH works with whatever router I want to use and allows their modem to operate as a "dumb modem".
I can switch my dynamic public IP w/o having to call BH to break my DHCP lease.

So - with so many good points, why am I switching my home from Bright House?
"Big Red Evil" will give my 35/up for $70/mo (for 1 yr, $90/mo for 2nd year).
Contrary to ISP talking points, I really need outbound.

- Here's where else Bright House could use some improvement.

1) Biz Class service is expensive, can be difficult to price and is even more expensive if you refuse 3 year contracts.

Biz Service is expensive compared to similar residential tiers.
It's also expensive compared to similar (or faster) tiers by the competition.

After years of refusing to do so, BH is finally posting some Biz class pricing on the web.
It's incomplete though and you may still be forced to spend valuable time with the sometimes confused sales team.

When I say Biz class pricing is expensive, I mean with a 3 (!) year contract.
If you want to forgo the contract, the cost difference alone is nearly enough to pay for service from a competitor.

I have Biz customers where the only competition to Bright House is DSL on bad copper or a T1.
In those cases we gladly pay BH Biz pricing and are grateful BH is there for us.

2) Not sure if this is still a problem but:
Time between activation of my BH residential phone and a slew of solicitors calling me (BY MY NAME) on that line = 1 day.

I got a BH phone for free w/ my residential internet package.
The dozens of daily spam calls made it unusable as an incoming line. Instead, I pay for VoIP service that never distributed my phone number to any marketing-connected biz.

I think that's it for the negative column.

Considering the good+bad together, Bright House ranks very well.
Of the the 10 largest cable providers in the US, Bright House is easily the best.

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