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Review by britthendrix

  • Location: Birmingham,Jefferson,AL
  • Cost: $300 per month
Good "Nothing."
Bad "Worst service ever"
Overall "Asked us to knock on neighbors door. Refused to refund inaccessible movies. Called customer service several times a month"
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Worst service ever. Asked us to knock on a neighbors door so they could access their cable. Embarrassing service. I am reporting to BBB maybe seeking legal counsel.

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lodged 2.2 years ago


BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL

Thank you for your review...

Hello britthendrix,

My name is Gary and I work for Bright House Networks. Please allow me to assist you with this. Please send the details to and I will be in touch shortly.
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Bakersfield, CA

Being neighborly

When Brighthouse came out to my house to fix an issue, the tech asked me to ask the neighbor if he could access their yard to climb the pole that my line was coming from. I yelled over the fence, neighbor said it was ok. I didn't think anything of it, and I still don't. If a Brighthouse tech had to come on to my property to fix my neighbor's line..I wouldn't hesitate to allow them access. I try to get along with my neighbors so when things like this comes up its not an issue.
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