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Review by SilverSTreak See Profile

  • Location: Sun City Center,Hillsborough,FL
  • Cost: $55 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
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Came to BH Networks for my Phone and Internet after my long time ISP (Earthlink) tried to upgrade my DSL connection and instead broke it and after a week weren't able to return me to even my prior service. So BH to the rescue.

I don't watch movies online so only needed basic internet speed and the $55 service quoted was

a. Faster than the DSL I was replacing,

b. Included all the "extra" phone services that I lacked with Verizon Call waiting/forwarding, Caller ID and long distance service - because of cost) and lastly

c. ended up just a little less that I had been paying to Verizon/Earthlink

The Order/Install process was very satisfying. Tech came on time when promised and I had internet service the moment he left and phone service later that day. I was actually impressed!

Things were fine for the first month or two. Services seemed stable and performed as expected, but then I noticed an occasional "slowdown" of my internet connection. I also got occasional reports of friends trying to call me and getting a busy signal when I knew we weren't even at home. Eventually, the slowdowns got worse, and I started trying to investigate. One day I tried to place a call and - no dial-tone so I looked at my modem and the lights indicated it was rebooting. Further internet sleuthing indicated I was not in this boat alone, but since it was intermittent and short duration, I needed to find a way to track the outages. I found an online tool (Net Uptime Monitor) that pings three different sites every 5 seconds and when ALL three sites fail to respond for 200 MS or more it logs an entry and times it until they come back. Now I could see exactly when and how long my services were being interrupted. Armed with that I tried BHN support - not good. They wanted me to reboot my modem (which I had already done, and try a bunch of other things that totally ignored any of the inputs I had already gathered. They also were insisting that my personal router could be the source of the problem and that I needed to remove it to see if the problem resolved before they could/would do anything else! Bottom line was - you look fine from here right now. I gave up for a few days but the problems persisted and appeared to be getting worse so I reconfigured my network, eliminating my personal LAN entirely (so now I have no Wi-Fi and only one computer connected in a 5 computer household. After a few days I was beginning to fret that maybe they were right and then boom - my monitor indicates lost connection, I have no phone dial tone and sure enough my modem is in a reboot. I tried calling as soon as the phone came back on, but I couldn't get through because the modem would reboot and drop my calls every couple of minutes or so. So now I have to resort to calling support on my pay as you go minutes cell phone! After an annoying long time navigating call trees and waiting in a queue I finally get a support rep and reexplaining my issues and history (again - UGH!) I tried to get escalated to a 2nd level of support but all they were willing to do was send out a tech. So the tech comes out, finds some signals "marginal" and rewires my cable coming into the house (eliminates 1 connector), and just for safety's sake swaps out my modem. All looks good - until about 15 minutes after he left and bam - more of the same modem reboots... I immediately recall and they send the tech back out that evening. He tells me he can't find anything wrong and that "looking at the entire block sees no errors of any kind" - in other words - It must not be a real problem! I insist that he escalate to his manager which he says he will but I have yet to hear from anyone else for over a week now. Actually did run clear for about 4 or 5 days and then yesterday and today its back with 10+ drops a day... Have tried posting in the BHN specific forum here on DSLReports and am patiently awaiting a hopefully helpful response.

Update: After posting here in DSL reports, I got an email from BHNTech - Gary. He questioned me some about my issue and assured they would get to the bottom of the problem. He apparently was able to employ some specific monitoring tools that coupled with information I was able to provide about when my issues were happening he detected that there was indeed some problem that required the field techs to come out. One came as promised and after listening to me describe the intermittent nature of the problem he monitored the cable for some time and did detect some anomalies that prompted him to run a new line out to the street, and back to the distribution point. Well, since then I have been cruising right along with zero issues for 4 days now and I am pretty confident that the problem is resolved.

My only nagging concern is that it took the considerable effort on my part to come to DSLReports and thus find Gary in order to get my issue addressed. Why he or someone like him wasn't cued in say maybe after my 2nd or 3rd call to customer care is beyond me.

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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL

Thank you for reviewing your recent BHN experience.

As we have discussed in the direct forums I will be in touch on Monday to address each of your concerns. Thank you for reaching out to me.