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Six Month Rating

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Review by wbrightfl7 See Profile

  • Location: Orlando,Orange,FL
  • Cost: $164 per month
Good "Excellent HD quality, wide selection of channels and steller customer service"
Bad "Poorly developed DVR Electronic Program Guide. Channel line-up complicated and confusing"
Overall "If you don't utilize the programming guide much then BH cable is a great choice. Internet service stable."
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I've had Bright House Central Florida for a year now, switching from Dish Network, when Dish dropped AMC and other channels which I like. BH HD channel quality is excellent and they carry all channels which I like to watch. I now have the Lightning internet service which works quite well.

Shortly after I switched to Bright House they released a new UI/Programming guide, which is terrible. It felt like a downgrade and a year later I hate it even more. The programming guide is hard to read and you can only view 1.5 hours at a time in the guide since they shrink the guide into a small box, instead of allowing a full-screen option. The Dish Network and TIVO DVR guides are far superior. BH needs to listen to all of the customers telling them they hate it and create something which is easy to read and user friendly. BH channel line-ups are very confusing. Coming from Dish, where there was 1 channel number for each channel (SD or HD), I was able to easily memorize my favorite channel numbers. With BH it’s impossible to memorize channel numbers in the thousands. Example, Dish Network HBO East is on channel 300. If you have a SD receiver, it displays in SD, if you have an HD receiver, it displays in HD. One channel number instead of 2, which are separated. The Dish program guide also gave you to the option to only show subscribed channels and to show only the HD version in the guide if you have an HD receiver. The BH guide you have to manually use the favorites feature to pick and chose the channels to show, which is a royal pain in the rear.

If the programming guide isn’t important to you and you don't mind a confusing channel numbering, Bright House is for you. If a good guide is important to you, take a look at Dish Network , Direct TV or consider buying a TIVO to use with BH.

As much as I like the BH HD quality I am thinking of going back to Dish Network so I can enjoy a well developed UI/Programming Guide, clean and simple channel numbering, along with their 4 tuner DVRs. BH DVRs only have 2 tuners. I am giving BH a couple more months to roll out a better Programming Guide, but I am not holding my breath. Even after countless complaints from customers last year when the current guide was released, BH has not mentioned anything about going back to the drawing board to develop a better guide, which customers clearly want. It feels like our requests fall on deaf ears with BH.

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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL

Thank you...

For taking the time to review your recent Bright House Networks experience. If you need anything please let me know.



There's hope for Bright House Networks!

I've been a BHN customer for many years, ALL of them unhappy because of poor customer service and poor TV/Internet/phone service. I recently moved to Orlando, prior to which a BHN tech (contractor) eventually picked up my equipment after not showing up to the first appointment. Subsequently, I received a letter advising me that I had not returned the equipment and that I owed $41.27. After calling BHN again, I was told that when BHN resolved the equipment issue, the account would be closed. Today, I came home to find a collections notice saying I owed $11.27 and that BHN did not have 1 piece of the equipment! Obviously, I was disappointed with BHN and called C/S. I eventually spoke with a supervisor (Jimmy #3978). Jimmy not only was professional, understanding, and totally calm, but he listened actively to the past situation and the current issue that I have with the new service and volunteered to resolve the previous issue and to research the current issue. He quickly discovered that there was a connection problem with the existing service (I was too overwhelmed to even call about this new, ongoing issue). Jimmy scheduled a service tech to correct the issue, which saved me time and energy calling BHN to endure more frustration with extended wait times. He also made what I consider a common-sense business decision to waive the $11.27 collections charge. BHN needs employees like Jimmy to restore customer confidence and increase customer satisfaction. Jimmy showed empathy to completely turn several negative experiences into a positive experience. I was so happy with the way Jimmy dealt with both situations; I was compelled to leave a message for his supervisor to advise her of his outstanding customer-centric behavior. Way to go Jimmy! NPS, Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL
·Bright House

Re: There's hope for Bright House Networks!

I have to agree that Bright House has some exceptional employees. Every agent I have spoken to on the phone has been knowledgeable and a pleasure to talk to. Gary from these forums is a great help for many as he spends a lot of time answering questions, making suggestions and being here to help those in need. Gary is one of the over the top BH employees.

As for the Bright House upper management I don't think much of them. I feel our customer complaints and suggestions are not taken seriously. BH is far behind offering us a customer-friendly DVR UI and Programming Guide. TIVO, Dish and Direct TV has beautifully developed software and they continue to make improvements while our BH UI is lucky to see an upgrade every couple of years. The last upgrade made the customer experience worse in my opinion. BH developers lack the imagination or know how to create something in the same league as the three competitors I mentioned. This I blame on BH upper management for not making the customer's viewing experience a priority. I guess I was spoiled being with Dish Network for 12 years and enjoying their equipment and software. If you have only been a cable tv user without a TIVO then the BH DVR and UI is likely fine for you as you haven't experienced how much better it can be. I personally am giving BH a couple more months to surprise me with an update, but not expecting it. I will be moving back to Dish for my tv services and enjoy a 4 tuner DVR with a beautifully laid out programming guide. I will of course stay with BH for their excellent internet service.