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Review by maj urinator See Profile

  • Location: Davenport,Polk,FL
  • Cost: $114 per month
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "fairly cheap and works well"
Bad "poor on demand quantity for HD TV"
Overall "it works"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Moved from PA, to FL. Ordered bright house cable (TV , Internet, and Phone),
The actual installers were great, had lots of problems with the company getting them to do the actual installation. Was told twice that it was not going to happen due to it being not cost affective for them (I live in the middle of a large open area). Each day after the "not going to happen" calls I was called by "the president of service" who told me that since he was the one I spoke with when i ordered the service (really?) he personally was guaranteeing that I would get service but it was going to take a few weeks as they needed to get the county's permission to run a conduit under the road outside the my property and then had install a hookup box on that side of the street.

Well long story short its installed and working,
Internet is sped is 11 MB Down and 1.5 MB upload not super fast but enough for web surfing, email, Skype, and streaming videos and movies (of course faster would be better...)

I did look at other options during the whole installation ordeal and while the TV via Direct TV would have been a good deal, I could only get me internet via Verizon at estimated best effort of 3 MB Download and 1 MB Upload which they said would cost about 80 per month just for the internet with a additional $40 for phone.

We make and receive lots of long distance call overseas friends and family members. So could not just go the cell phone route and the international rates are so high.

We do Skype a lot with family and friend overseas and here in the US.

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