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  • Location: Carmel,Hamilton,IN
  • Cost Contract price not specified. (36 month contract)
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It has been awhile since I got service with Bright House, so I do not recall details about the setup. I do remember that it was fairly painless with some trouble with the modem setup at first. That trouble was due to having static IP's but in the wrong Bright House subnet for it to route correctly. That was fixed long ago, and I was happy.

Over several months, I have been noticing issues with connections (TCP). A connection would drop suddenly in mid stream without a reset (RST) being sent by the modem. That would leave a connection hanging until a timeout was reached. I tried to isolate it within my internal network which has a lot of stuff on it. I typically look at my own setup (or code) before looking at others.

However, I tried as best as I could without luck, so I asked the on-line tech here at DSL Reports to check if my modem was having problems. The modem was showing through SNMP a large number of IP packet discards, which indicated buffer issues according to documentation I could find. He looked into it and found some odd problems that the modem was reporting. That is when he arranged for a tech to come to investigate.

I could go into detail about everything that needed to be done, but I thought it easier to list them and fixes made:

- Line to house had some issues. Previous owner had uninsulated coax in the ground. New line to house was laid. The cable no longer went nearly halfway around the house to be split and double-back half of that distance to come into the house.

- Modem was seeing more issues on the line than were even there. Old Netgear CGD24CPR was replaced with an SMCD3GN.

- Phone modem (MTA) was switch from using an external cable into the house to using an internal one. This was not to fix anything, but I needed to do it.


- No more mysterious connection drops.

- A download at full speed does not cause large delays for other connections. In other words, someone can go to a web site without having to wait up to a minute for the page to finish loading.

- A large amount of ugly cable on the side of the house will soon be gone when I find time to remove it.

- No charge for the fixes.

Speaking of prices, before I moved into this house, I had assumed it was in Comcast territory, so I had called them for prices. For the services I have (business account, static IP's and phone), I would have had to pay approximately $25 more per month. Also, I heard from a tech that fixes in the house would have cost $100 on the service fee for a business account ($50 for residence).

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