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Review by gbh2o See Profile

  • Location: Longs,Horry,SC
  • Cost: $3 per month
Good "Variety of services. Simple management. Good Prices and solid performance"
Bad "No 'plans'? Naw, that doesn't count!"
Overall "Great for BYOD and asterisk-type users."
Ease of Installation:
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Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

·Future Nine Corp..
20141027 - UPDATE - Yet more rock-solid features and flexibility. Still the same _reliable_ VoSP, keeping it simple and straight-forward to accomplish any task you understand.

20140215 - UPDATE - More features and flexibility. Still the same reliable VoSP.

20131004 - UPDATE - Bump... keeps taking over more of my outbound traffic just due to reliability and flexibility. First choice when another carrier's routing goes substandard on me.

20130327 - UPDATE - Bump... what else can I say? Just plain GREAT!!!

20121117 - UPDATE - CWU just keeps getting better and better, yet still maintains a simple, easy to use website.

20120522 UPDATE - BUMP. Hmm, just see my previous comments. I expect to keep using CWU for many years to come!

20111209 - UPDATE - Hmm, just see my previous comments. I expect to keep using CWU for many years to come!

20110604 - UPDATE - What a GREAT way to do business. Simple terms, rock-solid service and flexibility.

20110131 UPDATE - The real no BS deal. Even more features and flexibility as time passes, while maintaining the same GREAT service and reliability.

20101112 UPDATE - Still no BS, just great rock-solid service.

20100310 UPDATE - CallWithUs is dedicated to providing the best service that they choose to offer! Unique for their simplicity of web view, backed with solid performance. Perfect for those that like to roll-their-own systems and understand a little bit of what they are doing. Don't expect any BS or small talk. GREAT!

20091101 UPDATE - CallWithUs just gets better with age. Better prices and features.

20090407 UPDATE - The best Terms of Service and philosophy, without a doubt, for BYOD users. Robust feature support. Well-designed web site, with lots of good information and examples. Value and reliability together.

20090109 UPDATE - CWU just keeps getting better!

20080617 UPDATE - Still getting everything I expect! Great reliability, service and quality with reasonable prices. I am amazed at just how flexible they have made the services offered.


CallWithUs (CWU) is not for those seeking a standard' or flat-rate service plan. It is oriented to those who would use bring-your-own-devices [BYOD] or centralized PBX software like asterisk.

Personally, I found the CallWithUs website refreshingly simple and wonderfully usable and functional! Tech support knows their business and provided insightful assistance when requested. On-line setup instructions and generous examples are great.

I really appreciate the ability to choose the amount of 'risk' acceptable by using different levels of VoIP vendors supplying them with numbers. I have found that the numerical rating assigned by CWU may also reflect the expected quality and reliability of service from that 'level' of vendor. I have had no service problems since signing with them.

There are no hidden government taxes or BS fees to boost their bottom line. What you see is what you pay. I find their rates quite reasonable.

Their services just work reliably.

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Sooo, you don't work there do you. lol.

Longs, SC
·Future Nine Corp..

Re: lol

said by PRBS :

Sooo, you don't work there do you. lol.

It is hard to take an anonymous users' question seriously, but no I do not work the CWU. I believe anyone that made the tiny effort to use the search function could discover that.

If you are just a troll... be gone with you!