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Review by real_goose See Profile

  • Location: Grosse Pointe,Wayne,MI
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Reasonably priced BYOD; very helpful support"
Bad "call quality can be so-so but easy to specify trunks to exclude"
Overall "Perfect backup option no cost unless you use them"
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My Other Reviews

·Verizon FiOS
5/3/2014 We went back to using CWU for all international calls after having yet another instance of being unable to complete calls with our previous #2 company. Fortunately CWU was still active and ready. There were some problems with bad trunks. A quick reply from support told me I could exclude specific trunks from edit user settings. This did the trick! CWU is now totally wife approved for calls to Greece and trunk 75 at $0.01138 is still cheaper than most.

The analog phones in the house are connected to an OBi with VOIP.MS on SP1 for a local number and 911 service. SP2 is now CWU. My wife is used to 2 line phones, so she has no issue dialing **2 in front of phone numbers on 'line 2'.

The real magic is that our Greek DID from Anveo is forwarded via a SIP URI to 2 OBi adapters and an Aastra that all register to the same CWU account. The calls work well and there is absolutely no extra cost. I view it as an amazing gift from Sergey and CWU. The DID calls forward to I had to setup STUN, so the calls would connect because CWU does not proxy the call for free.

7/3/2012 Still working fine for us. I still route multiple calls per week (mainly to the US and France) via CWU. We have 2 physical lines active in the house and multiple 2 line phones. When calls are made on line 2 which is PBXes, calls not to Greece go via CWU. This calling pattern goes back to the days when line 1 was analog and my wife is in the habit of making long distance calls on line 2. As Mango says, it really is part of a complete dial plan. I'll keep adding money to my CWU account to make sure I have more than one option to complete calls.

4/3/2010 The majority of my long distance calls to the US and most of Europe go via CWU. I had my default switched to premium trunks, but periodically calls to Greece were unacceptable. To fix that problem I now route calls to Greece via a Greek VOIP provider. Sergey tried, but I conclude that reliable Greek trunks at reasonable prices are essentially nonexistent. We had very similar problems with other providers.

CWU is just so flexible and reasonably priced, that I am happy to continue to doing business with them.

2007 Initial Review: I switched to CWU as my only outgoing provider in July 2007 because their rates to Greece were good. They were essentially my only outgoing provider registered on my ATA. I've always had good luck using CWU when traveling from my laptop.

After about a year of good service I discovered my wife had stopped calling on the VOIP line because calls were not connecting. I reported the problem and Sergey had me precede each call with *33 with gave us the premium trunk (for higher cost). Calls were acceptable again. Sergey had to tell me how to change my SPA dialplan to accept *33. He reported that he would "work with the first route provider, if they can't fix the problem soon I will remove them from call routing to Greece." I've seen forum entries that this is common among the lower cost VOIP providers. They don't know something wrong unless a customer complains.

Now I have set up an asterisk server and am using someone else as default for calling to Greece to keep my 'wife acceptance factor' rating up. But I do use CWU as a backup and as my primary for calling from my laptop. A no cost backup is good to have. Lately I have noticed CWU outages that last a few hours.

If my Grand Central number ever goes away my plan was to buy a DID from CWU. Unfortunately they no longer offer DIDs to US residents because of mandatory e911 requirements. I'm just so impressed with the honest classy effort from CWU, that I wanted to buy more from them.

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