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Review by ymhee_bcex See Profile

  • Location: Tarzana,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $20 per month
Good "Good connection, low price, US access number"
Bad "some contries unrechable"
Overall "Excellent provider"
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UPDATE May 2012:
Still awesome service. With smartphones proliferating, I have a SIP client on my Android phone, and I am calling through WiFi - SIP client more often than through access number.
Neither CallWithUs nor Betamax prices changed in the last several years, but with Euro getting more expensive - CWU prices are now consistently less than those of Betamax.

Highly recommend!
I've used Call With Us for about a year now. Can't say enough good things about them. Excellent voice quality, and ease of connection. Prices are very competitive. I use it along with VoipDiscount, so it is easier for me to compare the two.

VoipDiscount (as well as other BetaMax companies) has free calling to US - so web calls and external PBX solutions where provider makes calls to both destinations don't add any cost. CWU is 1.5c/min for US.

On the upside, I could never get a response from VoipDiscount; whereas CWU responds in less than 24 hours (sometimes in a few hours). Also, you can pay through PayPal and Google Checkout.

About the website. While the site is intentionally very simplistic, there is a feature that I haven't seen anywhere else. It has well-defined APIs, so you can retrieve data programmatically. Also, you can specify "VoIP accounts", so I know, which of the sources the call originated. I have two ATAs, and two cell phones that use one CWU account - so it's a nice feature.

CWU does not allow incoming SipBroker calls, but you can forward IPKall numbers to sip.callwithus.com - so it can be used as DID - if you are OK with Washington State phone number. They stopped offering DIDs, but frankly, their DID prices were not very competitive to begin with.

Last, they have access number (in Ohio) - so I can use it as an old-time "prepaid card" call if I want to call abroad from my cell phone.

Two annoyances that I had this year. For some reasons couldn't reach Ukraine and Belarus on default trunk. The calls showed connected but the other party didn't even hear the phone ringing. Which was annoying, since these are more expensive countries (Ukraine - 9c/min, Belarus - 20c/min). For Ukraine Sergey suggested to force a different provider (a penny more, but I never had a problem), and for Belarus I am using VoipDiscount.

Overall - great provider

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CWU is presently $0.0095/min. to US. For click-to-call, etc., you can usually have the originating leg go VoIP, so a PSTN call is not needed at all.

CWU does offer US DIDs, but you must order from a non-US IP address (because they don't offer 911). IMO, the cost (typically $4.50) is not unreasonable, given that you get several channels and 3000 minutes, with business use permitted, etc. You can also use e.g. a free Callcentric DID, forwarded to CWU by SIP URI.

For Belarus (and possibly Ukraine), you might give Voxbeam a try. You get a small credit at signup, so you can test without making a payment.