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Review by Mango See Profile

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Good "Configurable routing, Direct Media, LRN Lookup, SMS, VPN"
Overall "Part of a complete dial plan(TM)!"
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If I ran a VoIP provider, I would run one just like CallWithUs. Fortunately, this has already been done - by CallWithUs - so I don't have to.

CallWithUs has several features that I haven't found from any other provider I like:

- Configurable routing: Many VoIP providers let you choose between a couple of routes, but when I entered my phone number into the simulator, it came up with a dozen or more! Being more than slightly obsessive, I evaluated all of them. All but two had excellent audio quality. I tested further and discovered that two of them correctly passed Caller ID Name to Canadian destinations.

- Direct media: CallWithUs gives you the option to have their media gateway proxy audio, or, if you're not behind NAT, set up a direct media path between their carrier and you. In some cases, this can lower latency.

- LRN Lookup: This is their newest feature, and my absolute favourite one. Now I can look up the carrier of any North American number. This will be especially useful in troubleshooting DIDs. I know of no other inexpensive source to look up LRN of Canadian numbers.

- SMS and VPN: Since CallWithUs is the only provider I know that offers these, I mention them here. I have never used them but it's nice to know I can if I need to.

CallWithUs's technical support is very very fast. I wonder, does Sokhapkin WEAR his computer?

CallWithUs is not a full service VoIP provider - for example, they do not offer e911. This is actually a good thing; by limiting their services to those required by advanced users, they can keep staffing cost low - in fact, the company is run entirely by its owner.

Conclusion: I highly recommend CallWithUs and I think it is Part of a Complete Dial Plan(TM).

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