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Review by signmeuptoo See Profile

  • Location: NanoParticle
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Fantastic rates, fast tech support response, great service"
Bad "website lacks neophyte friendliness, serivce is oriented towards more knowledgable people."
Overall "My gateway was giving problems with the service, had to figure it out on my own but service is great once you've got it working."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I live on a VERY sparse budget. For me, mere pennies are a big deal, no kidding! There are some terrific VOIP outfits, and they each have their pluses and minuses. CWU has excellent rates, better than just about anybody for where I call, and you have the choice of grade of service and which trunks you will allow.

HOWEVER: I haven't found on their site HOW to figure out how to identify each trunk so that I can enter it into my settings. They pronounce the fact that they keep a simple site, and that is true, in my humble opinion, to a fault. They need to hire someone to work with them to make the site easier to use and give better instructions on how to set up an ATA. My ATA is a very common one and their instructions didn't tell me I had to set up a couple settings I needed.

I would have given them a 100% A+ if setup was easier with more detail and better help getting my particular gateway to work with them (crappy ATT 2wire). After a great deal of searching I found out there is a way to get into the 2wire and change settings ATT people can do and I resolved the issue, and then I asked them how things were then and they said all was good now.

The cheapest tier trunk did not work for me to the country I call, but then I set my settings for premium and all was good. I still would love it if they included instructions on some easy to find link on how to find and set trunks.

IF you have the skills and patience to use their service, it is about as good as it gets, rates are great, call quality is decent. But not a service for someone new to VOIP, not until they improve their website.

No US DIDs provided, just something to note.

I would love to know how to set what trunks I use, embarrassingly, I don't know that stuff.

There is no sign up fee, no monthly charge, no contract, no commitment past what you purchase, which is fantastic.

Note that there is a purchasing service fee for orders under 25 dollars (and within a time period), but this is the case with some other competitive services, and if you order 25 bucks after 24 hours of not ordering, it is waived. They use both google and paypal as ways to pay, google is faster, but there is some wait time before the funds are updated.

If you are tech savvy and patient, and have the right hardware, this is just about the best there is from what I can find.

I would love it if they would improve their website and add better tutorials and more detailed instructions on setting up the ATA (analogue telephone adapter). Be aware that this is a bring your own and set up your own, ATA service.

My settings issues were:

Set up STUN properly

and more important:

SIP ALG in the ATT Gateway.

They could explain that better, when I needed help on it they set me to a link on a webpage using tech terms and it didn't help me figure out how to set up the 2wire, but after a bunch of searching online I found out how to fix it.

One service with lower rates is EasyVoip, but they offer a lot less help with setup, have large purchase fees, and calls aren't as good.

Future 9 is easier to set up, didn't have an SP ALG or STUN issue, and rates for me are just a few cents more a minute, and they offer a phone number/incoming calls (for a monthly fee).

But I want to be clear: callwithus is excellent, you just have to put in some effort to use it.

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