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Review by LeeOpines See Profile

  • Location: Crestview,Okaloosa,FL
  • Cost: $12 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Excellent voice quality - excellent support from billing to technical"
Bad "Nothing!! The are Great"
Overall "Definitely worth trying the price is right and you will be able to live with the voice quality"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

** Updated 01/19/13 **

I have now been with Phone Power for four years. They have provided excellent service and excellent VOIP quality calls.

If you want to save money and receive excellent service, I would recommend joining this company.

In my job, I accomplish performance assessments all the time and yes some of the assessments have been VOIP!

This company’s technical expertise and staff have been great and yes I will be renewing with them again very soon.

** Updated 04/07/09 **

My phone number has been transferred (very quickly and with no pain).

My Grandstream adapter HT502 has been working fine and staying connected for weeks now with NO problems.

The reason I switch from my old VIOP provider to Phone Power was because a telemarketer woke me up at 8:00 on a Saturday (I am on the do not call list). This telemarketer was calling & calling day after day week after week. My old provider had very limited features and did not allow blocking of anonymous calls or any call blocking at all. Within minutes of setup with Phone Power, these calls have stop (they are still calling but all they get is a busy signal)

I have taken the HT502 adapter out of the DMZ and placed it behind the firewall for protection. Once I turned off SIP ALG on my DIR-655, I have not had any more problems.

I am happy; I made the right choice at the right time ($199.00 for two years)

** Original review **

To Date, Phone Power has provided me excellent support from billing to technical and excellent voice quality.

I was able to very quickly utilize my new Phone Power VOIP service and the phone quality was/is excellent.

But I did have a few minor issues;

• On the first day when I tried to answer two of my incoming calls (many other calls work fine) all I received was a fast busy signal. I called technical support to see what they thought (only spent about 3 minutes on the phone with them and their support was excellent). Technical support’s suggestion was to put the Grandstream adapter into my router’s DMZ zone. I did this and I have not had a busy signal since. This issue is not Phone Powers fault, but mine because I am putting their adapter behind my router.

• After four days of flawless service, I went to call my wife and my call went directly to voice mail. So I figure a simple reboot would fix the problem, it did not. I call technical support and guess what; my Grandstream adapter HT502 needed a hard reboot. Worked great since that hard reboot.

Phone Power's technical support team was able to fix my problems very quickly.

I am glad that I have join Phone Power and I know you will be glad too once you join.

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