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Review by gworkman7 See Profile

  • Location: Tucson,Pima,AZ
  • Cost: $15 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
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I had my account hijacked by PhonePower due to Broadvox Direct dropping its customers on them. When I first recieved the e-mail notice, I contacted Phone Power to ensure the equipment would be sent to the correct address. This was on 9/10. On 9/14, I checked the tracking log and it showed that the equipment was sent to my old address. I contacted them again because my original box would no longer work after 9/15. They corrected the information (for the second time) and said it would be shipped out on 9/14. A few phone calls and two missed promises of the box being shipped and we are now up to 9/17 with no equipment and now, no service. I now have a tracking number for an overnight shipment of the equipment.

*** UPDATED 10/5/09

The equipment finally arrived on 9/21. So far, the service has been performing well. The only problem I had is that the volume is too loud. Called tech support and they had to log in to advanced settings (not available to end users) and make the adjustments. Everything is fine now.

Tech support was reached in less than 5 minutes, which was also a plus.

*** Updated 10/25/2010

I"ve had this service running for a year now. They have added enhancements to their website and the service has been very reliable. I have had two occasions where I needed tech support. On both calls, I got CSRs in SoCal within 2 minutes. This is quite an improvement over my BroadVox days.

I converted my plan to two years for $14.95/month.

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updated 2.1 years ago


Laveen, AZ

Disappointed with Tech Support

Quite disappointed with tonight's chat. At the end, the tech COULD have at least left with courteous apology. Instead, he chose to be arrogant. If he didn't know the "Zippy" drive should be connected to a computer, he should have stopped at the beginning. Instead, he drug out the process for 17 minutes before telling me to go away...

You are now chatting with Bill
Greg W: howdy Bill

Bill: hello, can I have the name, phone number and user name on the account?

Bill: what is the issue with the zippy?
Greg W: Any number I call rings once, then stops. I call 611 and get the prompts. I press three and the entry does not respond, so I can't call tech support

Bill: Ok, let me document this. Please keep in mind we are now closed and my troubleshooting options are limited right now.
Bill: when you dial 611, what prompts do you hear?
Greg W: OK. I've been trying to get tech support online since 8 this evening.

Greg W: new order - 1

Greg W: existing order - 2

Greg W: tech support 3

Bill: OK, well we are closed at the moment, so I will do the best I can.
Bill: so when you press one of the numbers to select an extension you are unable to do so from the zippy?
Greg W: Correct. I tried with two different phones and neither would get past the prompt. They should default to a live human at some point, but they don't

Bill: who is your isp?
Greg W: CenturyLink. My reg phonepower box works fine. I just need this USB device to work in a computer room.

Bill: ok, what is the brand name and model number of your modem?
Greg W: ActionTech Q1000

Bill: do you have a router in your network? if so, what is the brand name and model number?
Greg W: Netgear WNR 3500U

Bill: is the phone adapter connected directly to the actiontech device or the netgear device?
Greg W: No...the Zippy USB is intended to be connected to a computer. It has no software. It is connected to a computer.

Bill: Ok, at this time I can no longer continue troubleshooting, I have created a trouble ticket regarding your issue and a technician will contact you in the morning. Your ticket number is: 1402236.
Greg W: Horrendous. I have been trying to get through for HOURS. I can't believe this is where we land.

Bill: we closed at 10, the chat started at 10
Bill: we are closed

Greg W: Great. That helps. Thanks for the apology. I'll expect better service tomorrow.

Bill: No worries, have a great night
Greg W: To be posted to DSL Reports...not that you care. Good night.

Bill: Ok, have a good night



Poor Support

Yes, this was handled poorly by the technician you worked with and it is not the type of support that we strive to provide. I hope that the technician you spoke with this morning provided you with the level of support you deserve. We will be reviewing the issue with with the original technician you worked with and corrected his mistakes.

Laveen, AZ

Re: Poor Support

This morning's call was much better. It was on par with the service I've had in the past.