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Review by nycityny See Profile

  • Location: New York,New York,NY
  • Cost: $12 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Reliability, service, price, low int'l rates"
Bad "Website hard to navigate"
Overall "A reliable, well-priced service with excellent customer support"
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Call Quality:
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Value for money:
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UPDATE ON 12-8-10:

I'm just updating a year later to say how pleased I am with PhonePower. I've been using it as a back-up to my VoicePulse line and would have no problem making it my main VOIP provider. It is solid and reliable.

They implemented a new web interface and gave existing customers the option to "upgrade." Doing so would cause me to lose custom incoming caller ID so I have not done so. The new interface might be more intuitive than the old one but I am not using the new one.

I highly recommend PhonePower.


I went with PhonePower to replace my ViaTalk line (which itself replaced SunRocket). Given the quirks of the prior services, I have been surprised by how solid PhonePower is. The dialtone is always there, calls go through upon the first dial, and the quality is pretty good. Early on I heard occasional echoes but that seems to have subsided.

The owner is very responsive to forum queries. I asked whether there was a way to turn off background music during a call hunt and he just changed the system to accommodate this.

I have communicated with billing and tech support both via their online chat and via the phone. Both are effective and yield positive results. I decided to port in a number after the fact. They were extremely helpful and it was accomplished in a little over a week.

Features keep getting added. Since I started with PhonePower in July 2009 they have implemented free incoming faxes and one hour of free international calling each month. Who knew it was going to get even better?

The website is a little counterintuitive to navigate. For example, the toggle to turn on anonymous call rejection is in a tab called "Phone Numbers" under a sub-heading called "Dialing Options." Why?

The feature set is nice, though some call filters would be nice.

I use PhonePower as a back-up to my main line which is with VoicePulse. It is sturdy and reliable enough to be a main line itself (unlike the way I felt about SunRocket and ViaTalk).

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